I want to stress again that the vaccine genocide is not divine punishment. God had nothing to do with it other than in the general sense of foreseeing it, allowing it, and making it part of His providential plan.

We are at war with the demons, and this war is merciless and to the death. We lost this battle because the demons temporarily proved stronger than the good guys.

Such is life, and losses, even huge losses like this, are an expected feature of this terrible war.

Note that charity for God, angels, and fellow men is our win condition. Nobody gets out and nobody rests until we all motherfucking love one another, and the entire body of Christ is so united with this love as to push the devils into hell and lock them there forever.

The vaxx is a massive setback in this endeavor, but we will survive.

My We Three Kings earworm has led to another Russian verse which can be sung by Jesus:

Я есть мягкий сладкий агнец.
У меня небесный Отец.
Я страдаю за народ весь мой,
Я пресвятой боец.

If you’re pureblooded, for the love of God stay this way.

If you’re vaxxed, you’re no longer human but a zombie. You will soon die. Your fate is no longer any of our concern.

And if you’re a vaxx zealot, you are guilty of having turned numerous people into the undead like you by convincing, bullying, or coercing them. You’re Kel’Thuzad. You’re going to hell.

In Seinfeld:

George: God would never let me be successful; he’d kill me first. He’d never let me be happy.
Dana: I thought you didn’t believe in God?
George: I do for the bad things.

Well, I do believe in God for the good things, but I believe in Congress only for the bad ones.

Why do we need these clowns who have no idea what they’re voting for? At this rate we might as well let the bureaucrats write laws and empower themselves.

Apparently, because of the vaxx, we’re living in the last years of the Western civilization. It’s a slow-motion train wreck.

The white world will cease to exist.

The catastrophe is akin to the Mongol invasions and the Black Death, except even worse in absolute terms.

It came as if out of the blue but not really because they were working on this “depopulation” project for decades.

It was a reckless, stupid, unnecessary thing to do.

I could deal with intellectual attacks — e.g., by refuting socialists, egalitarians, Keynesians, etc. I can’t deal with the physical killers, I can’t bring the vaxxed back from the dead.

There are some very dark times ahead for all of us.

Christianity is not a method of social control. It is not an opium of the people. It is not a cynical bid for power.

This point must be made especially in the current empire of lies and chaos where if you trust, you die.

To the tune of We Three Kings:

Я есть Бог, могучий I am.
Я живу без всяких проблем.
Я всё знаю, понимаю,
И мудро правлю всем.

Note that this couplet reveals several divine attributes.

God is almighty; His identity is complete and changeless; He is a living thing; He is perfectly happy; He is omniscient; He has all three intellectual virtues — knowledge, understanding, and wisdom; and He rules the entirely of the created world.

Here’s what Rawls writes on p. 12 of Theory of Justice:

Moreover, the concept of rationality must be interpreted as far as possible in the narrow sense, standard in economic theory, of taking the most effective means to given ends.

This definition of rationality is perverse and has consistently set back economic theory.

In fact, rationality is a species of intelligence which in turn is ability to learn.

This presupposes that people often do not know what “the most effective means to given end” is, indeed that there is no such thing as an objectively most effective means to any end set in stone for all time, but that people discover new and more effective means to ends all the time via a competitive process.

Rationality is what enables economic progress as a result of which both ends and means perpetually change and are enlarged.

So it’s less making good decisions than learning from bad ones.

The market is open-ended in a way in which checkers is not, therefore different notions of rationality are proper to them.

Usually, when the booboisie fall for lies, like regarding 9/11, other people get hurt.

Who cares, right?

With the vaxx, on the other hand, they are bearing the costs of being deceived personally.

Sometimes it pays not to be stupid.

All “cancellations” of dissenters seem very suspicious.

This just isn’t how profit-seeking businesses behave.

Normally, one can make good money on giving voice to and promoting dissent. So what causes the deplatforming? It’s got to be the feds threatening them.

This has become clear with the FBI running Twitter. What other pies do these scumbags have their fingers in?