“Pope’s clarification: He was quoting Catholic moral teaching — not stating his own view — in classifying homosexuality as a sin”

That’s nice. He’s a nice Pope, we like him. It’s quite possible that he disagrees with the Catholic moral teaching. In fact, he’s probably not even Catholic.

This makes sense because Christianity is a big joke, and God doesn’t even exist. The Pope isn’t fooled!

We hope to persuade him to get busy changing the Catholic doctrine in the near future.

Ah, just look at this happy wonderful heartwarming diversity of sick perverts.

Just feel the love, light, and freedom of their corrupted souls.

It’s beautiful how they smile on their road to destruction.

Well, you know… from the devil’s point of view.

Steven Tucker:

For example, there is a niche gay pursuit called “bugchasing” (I prefer to call it “suicide bumming”) in which gays seek to subvert wicked heteronormative oppression by deliberately getting infected with HIV via condomless anal intercourse with already infected males called “giftgivers,” thus “breeding” the bugs inside their rectal “wombs” as microscopic surrogate bum babies.

And they tell us there are no differences in personality between homosexuals and heterosexuals.

Homos, on this view, are decent normal people who just want “love” just like everyone else.

Well, no they’re not, and no they don’t.

All moral duties are restriction of freedom. They are burdens.

Negative duties — do not kill, do not steal — are given to us by our human nature.

Positive duties — love neighbor as yourself and do works of mercy for him — can only be given to you by the grace of God. Only God, and not the state, has the authority to lay these extra burdens on you.

The welfare state is no kingdom of God.

But as Jesus says, “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

It’s important to Christianity to foster among the faithful heroic romantic ideals.

Instead we have Guardian priests which is a shame.

Idealists have instead infested the universities where they are now busy policing thoughts.

“We should support the poor with taxes because if we don’t, they’ll turn to crime or prostitution.”

Well, if he turns to crime or she to prostitution, don’t give them money, put the fuckers in jail.

Isn’t such blackmail, “Give me taxpayer loot or I’ll take matters into my own hands and start stealing personally,” itself a crime?

Nice social contract, this.

“I was deceived” and “The devil made me do it” are not valid defenses.

Getting deceived is exactly how you end up in prison, dead, or in hell.

I’ve had posts on this little blog going back to Feb 2021 warning about this shit.

In any case you idiots wanted us purebloods in slave labor camps. I’d have to be Jesus to accept the injustice and sacrifice everything for you.

It doesn’t matter at this point. You’re dead meat; there is no cure for the vaxx.

Scott Gordon (“The New Contractarians.” Journal of Political Economy, 84, 3 (June 1976), 573-590) objects to libertarianism: “a philosophy which condemns one on grounds of justice to live with filthy streets even though everyone would prefer some quantity of street cleaning to other goods of equal cost is somehow wrong.”

In the first place, if streets are owned by the state, then it is unsurprising that the state will lay taxes for their maintenance. But perhaps we could find ways to privatize the suckers.

Second, taxation for the sake of clean streets is indeed unjust, but there is more to life that justice. We might agree to acquiesce in injustice for the sake of some other good.

“Even if Nozick should be able in a future work to provide a theory of entitlement which advances on Locke’s, it would only be one of the pillars of justice and must share the burden of carrying the house of polity with other great ethical principles, such as ‘utility,’ ‘freedom,’ ‘equality,’ and Rawls’s ‘fairness.'”

Ok, but again justice is justice and not utility or freedom. We might be willing to sacrifice justice for utility, but we should not say that utility is part of justice.

Leftists think that transgenderism is an expression of freedom.

In fact, it’s a cost of freedom. We permit these monstrous disgusting freaks to run around so that superior men can contribute to society and improve the world.

Ugliness is as much a deviation from the “norm” as beauty is. We allow the former only to give the latter a chance.

Back during the Cold War, the Republicans were pro-warfare state, and the Democrats were pro-welfare state.

Of course, far from fighting each other, they logrolled and happily financed both.

Today both parties have merged and both officially support both warfare and welfare.