There isn’t even a pretense by Washington politicians of concerning themselves with the common good.

We’ve regressed to ancient Rome where the point of politics is power with which you benefit your friends and punish your enemies.

National divorce is unrealistic? Well, it’s better than what we have now.

Blacks pillage and plunder, and no one bats an eye.

Scott Adams points out the undeniable fact that blacks pillage and plunder, and he gets canceled.

Such is upside-down justice in America.

Adams called blacks a “hate group.” Now if whites unjustly oppress blacks, then black hatred is at least understandable. But the minor premise here is false. So their hatred is wicked.

I don’t agree with him that we can’t in principle coexist. Such coexistence is no doubt difficult. The problem is that it’s been made impossible by white woke freaks who have radicalized and spoiled blacks and demoralized and weakened the police.

It may still be possible to undo the damage. But this needs to be done quickly.

Before white people are overrun.

Andreas T. Schmidt ((2020). “Does collective unfreedom matter?” Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy):

Because laissez-faire capitalism is likely not meritocratic enough — and not enforceably so — it will create problematic dependencies for proletarians who seek to move up.

That capitalism is meritocratic, and that meritocracy is bad has been a standard refrain on the Left. Here comes Schmidt and says that capitalism is not meritocratic enough, and that’s why we want socialism.

Schumpeter was right:

Capitalism stands its trial before judges who have the sentence of death in their pockets. They are going to pass it, whatever the defense they may hear; the only thing a successful defense can possibly produce is a change in the indictment.

This includes indictments that accuse capitalism of exactly opposite to each other faults.

Capitalism impoverishes the masses which is bad; capitalism enriches the masses which is equally bad.

Capitalism fosters international peace which is bad because it dissolves glorious empires and because war is the father of all things; capitalism results in war.

Capitalism promotes individual freedom which is bad because it destroys community; capitalist freedom is in fact slavery.

Capitalism oppresses women by confining them to the home; capitalism empowers women and destroys the family.

Capitalism provides endless entertainment, thus distracting the people from what “really matters”; capitalism is tedious drudgery.

Capitalism fails to conquer nature and put her to man’s use; capitalism conquers nature so well as to result in an “ecocide.”

Capitalism didn’t produce enough covid vaccines for everyone fast enough; capitalism produced deadly covid vaccines that will kill half the world. Etc., ad infinitum.

GoComics today cancelled Dilbert Classic which was good for a laugh.

Mystery solved.

USA Today “leads with inclusion” by excluding Scott Adams. Pathetic.

Of course, black people need to be beaten with a stick, not helped.

I mentioned how saints are like planets revolving around God.

I think pets, if there is mutual love there, are like moons around each planet.

After we’re done dying from the vaxx, there will just be niggers in Africa and gooks in China.

These motherfuckers will inherit the earth.

They are not meek and do not deserve it, but… welcome to earth and its garden of definitely-not-Eden.

(My point in this post is not to condemn the alien sons of bitches but to express sadness at the destruction of the Western civilization in vivid terms.)

If most Americans don’t trust the media, why are they continuing to lie?

Their purpose is to humiliate us. “You know I am lying, I know I’m lying, and we both know that we know, but I’m still issuing forth propaganda in order to show how much I despise you.”

20 years ago in a very dark moment of my life I felt God the Father’s presence. It was like this: drop on your knees, don’t move, and prepare to be judged. I called Him the Gardener, He called me a dumb plant.

I felt His presence now too; it did not accept me, but it did not reject me either. Unlike the Son, there is no mercy in the Father. But it is the Source of all that there is, and it is good.

A simple way to understand heaven is this: God the Father is like the sun, and saints are like planets around Him.

The Holy Spirit is the rays of light that the Father sends out, and the Son is the greatest, indeed infinite, planet, equal to the Father, that the Father begot.

Your happiness in heaven will depend on your distance from the Father. If you are holy and good, you will be able to withstand His light better, hence be closer to Him, hence happier. If you are bad, you will not be able to approach Him for fear of destruction (as the light will burn you), hence you’ll have to settle for a position further away from Him, hence be less happy.

As flowers are planted into the ground, so human souls are planted into the bodies.

This is how you understand the phrase “For you are dust, and to dust you shall return” (Gen 3:19). It is a riddle. At first glance it seems to denigrate man, “you are nothing, filth.”

Rightly understood, it means instead that when the body lives, it is metaphorical dirt (dust) which flowers in the ground imitate on a lower physical level; and when it dies, it becomes real dirt.