Contra Buskirk, what we need is not “unity” but peace, a measure of order, and normalcy, as relief from the lunatic asylum this country has become in the past few years.

David Gordon reviews Christopher Buskirk’s book America and the Art of the Possible, saying

He contrasts those who limit their lives to immediate gratification with those who plan for their long-term future and wrongly puts libertarians in the former group.

It’s like the freaking point of economics, including the Austrian school which Buskirk disparages, to discern the long-term consequences of every policy and invite people to take them into account.

Hazlitt writes on p. 5 of Economics in One Lesson:

The art of economics consists in looking not merely at the immediate but at the longer effects of any act or policy; it consists in tracing the consequences of that policy not merely for one group but for all groups.

Economists, Buskirk says, view “man as a walking stomach…, a collection of appetites.” What does that mean? What the fuck does that mean?? The economy serves all human desires, whatever they may be.

As Mises points out (likewise at the very beginning of Human Action), economics deals with “all ends and all means, both material and ideal issues, the sublime and the base, the noble and the ignoble…”

So many slanders against libertarians. This, though… are we to be spared nothing?

Regarding Florida’s sex and gender in schools bill, I’m a libertarian, and I oppose not just government schooling but even government subsidies to schools.

But if we are stuck with public schools, I do not see why we need to be corrupting the kids who attend them.

LGBT, trannyism are monstrous ideologies that rival communism in perversity. “Men are women” is a lot like “freedom is slavery.” Don’t children already have enough problems that they don’t need to deal with this crap?

There must have been a core group of diabolist warlocks who created the vaxx for the purpose of depopulation.

There was also a large collection of mercenaries who were paid to sell it.

The rest of the people were dupes who got fooled and weaklings who were coerced into killing themselves. They wanted to play ball and keep their jobs. In the end, they will all perish from this poison.

Virtue is a precious good, and it’s hard to obtain.

Therefore, virtue-signaling is a tough feat.

It’s much easier to signal your vices, while claiming that they are virtues.

That’s what most people are doing nowadays.

This is from the latest Tom Woods’ email.

Well, of course not, Zach, because you went along with the program. It’s impossible to lack civil liberties when you willingly cooperate with the regime. Everyone at all times already has the freedom to obey.

It’s the dissenters, including the purebloods, who were persecuted.

But don’t expect the Left to come to their defense as an oppressed group.

The difference between today and the 60s is that in the 60s the powers that be were not hippies, and today they are woke.

David Cole:

Dismissing cause and effect, action and consequence, like a ghetto thug.

“All I wuz doin’ wuz robbin’ him and he shot me. Why dat happen?”

The current administration is like that too. All we were doing was fighting a proxy war with Russia, and an ICBM blew up Washington, DC. Why did that happen?