The U.S. government tells Putin: “If you hadn’t invaded Ukraine, we wouldn’t have supplied weapons to it. It’s your own fault. You should take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.”

Suppose Putin nukes Washington, D.C. and tell us, “If you hadn’t supplied weapons to Ukraine, we wouldn’t have decapitated you. It’s your own fault. You should take responsibility, etc.”

Will that be a lot of comfort?

Of course, Americans today are impatient with this kind of self-reflection and will simply say, “Yeah, but we do what we feel like, and you shut up and take it. The strong do what they can (and we’re strong), the weak suffer what they must (and you’re weak).”

But maybe Russia, China, etc. aren’t that weak anymore (and America, not that strong). Will it take a nuclear strike to make Americans grow up?

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