What’s the difference between male and female angels?

Angels are disembodied spirits who are composed of intellect and will, so they are pure contemplators. In the state of nature, an angel does not love anyone other than himself. So the angelic will does not matter for dignity, only the intellect does, and the male angels are smarter than the female angels. Their minds are more powerful. Hence the guys are naturally superior.

But the good angels have been uplifted into grace and, immediately following their acceptance of this grace, into glory. So the angels now have charity toward each other and toward humans. (The demons rejected the grace and have become our enemies.)

But the female angels who are more emotional love stronger than the male angels. They burn with greater love. But charity is more important than reason. Hence in the order of glory female angels are superior.

In the traditional hierarchy, the Seraphim are the top order of angels and the Cherubim are the second highest. St. Thomas interprets it as that the Seraphim are greatest in love and the Cherubim are greatest in intellect.

Just as Mary was elevated to be queen of heaven, so perhaps the Seraphs are girls, and the Cherubs are boys.

Apparently, heaven is a kind of matriarchy.

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