I had an exchange recently with a Jewish victimist fanatic in which I quipped that “often, Jews deserve their anti-Semites.” He asked why. I pointed to the little post by Walter Block.

He objected that the proper thing to do was not to resent Jews many of whom are socialists, but to resent socialists many of whom “happen to be” Jews.

I agreed and joked that the connection between Jews and their atrocious politics must be “totally mysterious.”

A hysterical barrage of abuse followed. Now to clarify, I was not of course implying any direct “genetic” link. If I had to venture a guess, I’d say that the Jews’ super-high IQ and clannish insular inward- and past-looking culture make it more likely that they will fancy themselves central planners, eager to run the economy “scientifically.”

It’s like that Seinfeld episode:

Leo: Move back with Lydia?
Jerry: C’mon, you’re lucky to have anybody.
Leo: Last week you told me I was in my prime, I should be swinging.
Jerry: Swinging? What are you, out of your mind? Look at you, you’re disgusting. You’re bald, you’re paunchy, all kinds of sounds are emanating from your body twenty-four hours a day. If there’s a woman that can take your presence for more than ten consecutive seconds, you should hang on to her like grim death. Which is not far off, by the way.
Leo: But she’s an anti-Semite.
Jerry: Can you blame her?

Exactly. Clean your own house first, my Jewish brethren, before joining in to the virtue-signaling hate-fest.

It’s perfectly fine for this guy to concern himself with “what’s good for the Jews.” But I’ll tell him what’s most definitely not good for the Jews, and that’s falsely accusing random innocent people he hates of “anti-Semitism.”

It must give him great joy to smear folks and ruin their careers — a favorite tactic of socialists and neocons (but I repeat myself).

Or perhaps he’s just a nutjob who sincerely sees “anti-Semitism” everywhere.

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