Ocasio-Cortez is talking about a socialist revolution, and all her opponents manage by way of reply is, “We can’t afford it.”

I disagree: the Pentagon has more than enough bullets to murder every dissenter. And it cannot be affirmed of a corpse that it can’t afford something, now can it?

Besides, there are too many people in America to survive under Sandy’s enviro-socialism, anyway.

When this girl is done with us, 95% of the population will simply starve to death.

I’ll take my chances with the climate, thank you.

For that reason, I also encourage the parasitic class to oppose Ocasio-Cortez.

The parasites need the host alive and reasonably vigorous. It must be “moving” so that they can “tax” it.

Sandy’s designs would destroy the host economy. The parasites will die along with it.

I am right now being an efficiency expert for the state. Even the state and its connected interests will lose, and greatly, from her planned atrocities.

Status quo now! Can the conservatives at least manage that?

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