Once humanity and the good angels are sufficiently charitable, the light of love their hearts emit will fill the entire created world.

And the demons will come to be affected by it as this light will seek to penetrate into them. But the demons are confirmed in evil, so they cannot possibly accept the light.

They will be forced to flee its advance because they cannot stand it. And the only place for them to hide from it is the demonic hell. And that’s where they’ll end up.

But see Caitlin Johnstone, we are the good guys, and so we don’t do false flags. They, whoever they are, are the bad guys, and false flags are not beneath them. Hume put it this way:

When our own nation is at war with any other, we detest them under the character of cruel, perfidious, unjust and violent: But always esteem ourselves and allies equitable, moderate, and merciful.

If the general of our enemies be successful, `tis with difficulty we allow him the figure and character of a man. He is a sorcerer: He has a communication with daemons…: He is bloody-minded, and takes a pleasure in death and destruction.

But if the success be on our side, our commander has all the opposite good qualities, and is a pattern of virtue, as well as of courage and conduct. His treachery we call policy: His cruelty is an evil inseparable from war.

In short, every one of his faults we either endeavour to extenuate, or dignify it with the name of that virtue, which approaches it.

As Rothbard noted, Americans don’t like complexity. They want simple powerful morality tales. And the government and media feed just such stories to them.

After an article like this, either Israel should be nuked or the author Brian Wilkins should be nuked, but I don’t know which.

He asks, “But why would Israel poison their own people with the injections?” and answers that the Ashkenazi Jews are immune. Is this then a scheme to convince the world of Israel’s innocence?

It worked on me, but this is an astonishing charge. For example, why inject the real stuff? Why wouldn’t Pfizer just send Israel saline shots? Is the intent to cleanse the Arabs living in Israel?

But then if Israel did 9/11, they could easily have done this. The technology exists. A lot of people are nuts. Nothing would surprise me at this point.

“My triple-vaxxed, 85-year-old mother caught COVID. Medical triage made her doctor useless.

“By mid-week, my father was also sick with the same symptoms.

“I put the bulk of the blame firmly on the anti-vaxxers. They are closely followed by the people who wear their masks as chin straps.”

So his mother got infected despite being triple-vaxxed. Then she transmitted the disease to her husband.

Maybe blaming Pfizer for making an ineffective vaccine is more sensible?

But do show me on this doll here where an “anti-vaxxer” hurt you.

“Selfish” businessmen improve the people’s standard of living; the essence of “altruistic” politics is the triumph of private interest over the common good.

Liability protection for vaccine companies makes perverse sense.

Vaccinations are coercive mass medication. They belong properly to a communist society. In it, the state is omnipotent. It can certainly not be sued by a puny pathetic individual who has no rights at all, let alone the right not to be forcibly injected with something.

So either there should not be socialistic mass jabs at all in which case pharma liability is reasonable, or there’s medical totalitarianism where liability is impossible. This is because with indiscriminate injections there are bound to be deaths and injuries acknowledging which would sabotage the glorious egalitarian project for the “greater good,” to hell with the broken eggs.

If you wanted to do transhumanism, I’d understand it if you sought to make humans healthier, more vigorous, smarter, stronger, more beautiful.

The globalists’ view of the future, on the other hand, involves microchipping us like dogs to “control” us and having us lie in water tanks with electrodes hooked up to our brains watching illusions in “metaverse.”

How does that make any sense?

The state punishes private property violators reluctantly. It doesn’t care.

What it does care about is challenges to its own power. It prosecutes any “crimes” against itself zealously.

This explains why the Jan 6 protestors are being destroyed, while the district attorneys in LA and NYC refuse to prosecute actual criminals.

As David Cole correctly argues, the “insurrectionists” were morons. They had no idea what they were doing. They hurt Trump and their own cause. Their “revolution” failed. If they had taken over the federal government, we might have had something here. Maybe they could have dissolved it and called for a constitutional convention. Would’ve been interesting at least.

At this point, the wrath of the state is upon them. We might sympathize with them were they prophets unjustly persecuted for telling truth to power. But they are idiots who got themselves in stupid trouble.

Might as well cut these guys loose.

By blocking the federal vaccine mandate for businesses, the Supremes saved tens of millions of lives.

By upholding the mandate for health care workers (why? what’s the real difference?), they destroyed millions more.

Of course, OSHA should be abolished, as should Medicare and Medicaid.