When I was writing my books on Keynes, Rawls, and Cohen, I was imbued with an overpowering desire to crush these guys’ souls, to destroy them utterly, to grind them into dust. I hated these scumbags for the evil they unleashed upon our world and sought to decimate their every argument. I wanted to send these abominations to hell where they belonged so that truth and justice might prevail and the holy light would reign within this realm.

Burn, motherfuckers.

And yet I find myself disinclined so much as to play a competitive card game. Not because I fear losing or worry about my opponent’s “feelings” if he lost, that’s just dumb, it’s a fair fight, be sportsmanlike.

Indeed, I enjoy occasionally watching other people play various PvP games, like StarCraft 2.

But because such games require a desire to dominate another man pointlessly, for no noble purpose. I detest this kind of thing as contrary to charity. It’s not me. It feels like devolving my soul to some extent.

The world faces many problems. There’s mass immigration into the U.S. and Europe, a terrible mistake which the native white populations will regret for a long time. There are wars all enabled by the U.S. empire that imagines that the entire universe belongs to it. There is the transgender movement which is peak irrationality. There is serious inflation in America. There is complete collapse of morals and much of faith. The Catholic Church seems to have lost its way. There is speech censorship by the evil military-industrial complex.

But all these problems are ideological. They exist because people have the wrong ideas in their heads. I, as a philosopher, find it within my power to fight some of these errors. Indeed, to me these enemies are an exciting challenge. I relish the spiritual combat into which I have been thrust.

The Covid vaccines, on the other hand, are a completely different matter. I am appalled, shaken, and crushed by this monstrous crime that the globalists and states have perpetrated on the world. It is an unprecedented, horrific attack on our species and, because it concentrated in the U.S. and Europe, on the best part of humanity.

Many people who are vaxxed are already dead, still more will die from the poison in the future. It is unclear whether the vaxxed are even human, given the corruption of their DNA. The fate of their children is a further worry. This is Warcraft III level undead plague and demonic invasion. Philosophical reasoning, truth cannot save the vaxxed. I can fight John Rawls, I cannot fight turbo cancers.

My faith in God is not shaken, but my hope for eventual uninterrupted economic progress in which we not only turn earth into paradise but even, as Musk aspires, colonize Mars, certainly is. The vaxx is one of the worst things that has ever happened to the world, and it is extremely sad.

A “conservative” on Twitter told me that “there are more important things than cheap Chinese goods and consumerism.”

Now taken by itself, this is certainly true. What might those things be? Maybe artistic excellence, intellectual contemplation, moral perfection, wisdom, loving families, friendship with God, selfless service to fellow man.

But he did not bring up any of that. Instead he pushed “small town manufacturing.”

But “small town manufacturing” is trash, it has no intrinsic value. It is at best a means to an end. If a superior means is found, such as free global trade, this old expedient deserves to be discarded.

I argued: “Not sure why consumers have any moral duty to overpay for inferior ‘small town manufacturing’ junk.” The reply mentioned “American workers” who allegedly should not compete with foreign workers.

But the purpose of work is production, the purpose of production is consumption. If work is important, then consumption is even more so. “Consumerism” is just general prosperity. The American workers are the consumers. Why would he want to rip them off?

Free trade at its most general includes freedom of immigration. However, the latter is unfeasible in the present world. So I support free movement of goods and oppose mass immigration into the U.S. and Europe.

Note the distinction between the human breeding of plants and animals which is random variation + artificial selection and intelligent design which is the exact opposite: intelligent variation + natural selection.

There are three forces that can propel history forward: evolution, intelligent design, and special creation.

The error of evolutionists is to deny ID for the body and grace for the soul.

A point brilliantly noted by Dembski is that ID can be non-coercive, such as by determining or collapsing true randomness.

The error of creationists is the argument that many things just popped into existence fully formed, and that’s just not God’s modus operandi.

God’s respect for creatures is enormous. He wants to avoid imposing His notions on us. That’s why all humans start as single-cell organisms. We begin as almost nothing and make our own destiny. The same is true for the origins of species.

So special creation, I think, is limited mostly to the beginning of the universe and of life. On the other hand, evolution is woefully inadequate. So most of the specified complexity in the world is due to intelligent design.

Homosexuality, in my view, is a vice. It’s on the same level as many others, gluttony, for example, or wrath. Because sexuality is such a powerful, almost all-consuming drive, this vice should not be judged too harshly.

Transgenderism, on the other hand, is not a vice but simply a straightforward mistake with horrific consequences. It’s like peeing on an electrified wire. It’s not morally bad but intellectually dumb. And to “affirm” it is to deceive and tempt the victim into self-destruction. It’s what’s called “scandal” defined as “something less rightly said or done that occasions spiritual downfall.”

If refuted, ideological trannyists should eventually go away as communists have gone away.

Indeed, “men are women” is an even crazier inversion than “freedom is slavery.”

Each living thing has a soul of various complexity and capability. A liver cell’s soul has no ends of its own but serves the whole body; an amoeba, however primitive it might be, is an organism and its own master.

Classical utilitarianism aims to turn humans into cells in the body of the (nonexistent) Leviathan, and that is neither possible nor desirable.

Coercion and liability waivers for vaccines may be defended on utilitarian grounds if the costs to the individual exceed the benefits, but the benefits to society exceed the costs, that is, as a solution to a Prisoner’s Dilemma.

But this is a short-run calculation: by taking away the incentives to safety, it will not work in the longer run.

Generally, maximizing “utility” in the short run only will kill you.

If you want to understand the causes of DEI, or why white men are portrayed as weak and pathetic in entertainment, or why black criminals go free and white people who defend themselves against them are prosecuted, look no further than the official ideology of the Left: egalitarianism.

Take two men, A and B. There are two kinds of egalitarianism. One, old school, will acknowledge that A is superior to B and seek to equalize them. The other, newcomer, will insist that A is in fact equal to B, and the differences between them are due to “society” privileging A and oppressing B.

The first will attack supply and demand, the second will attack, e.g., as racist, the suppliers and the demanders. It is the second that fights what they call white supremacy, disparate impact, discrimination, and all that. But the first is hardly dead. The Left tells us that everyone is already equal, but they know that that’s false. You are unequal, indeed better than many others, and that is your sin. Your goodness is an affront to leftist decency.

So what’s happening today is that you are being leveled down, debased to the level of the dumbest, most savage lumpenproletarian black. You will not be allowed to flourish, grow, and improve; on the contrary, you will be humiliated, dominated, and destroyed in the name of equality.

It is important to reject this ideology in both its forms. It’s Ok to be genuinely superior, and just as Ok for society unequally to reward unequal contributions.