It is easy to be convinced of the reality of our corrupt fallen nature by contemplating the topsy-turvy way in which we regulate citizens and give arbitrary powers to the bureaucrats.

Mises identifies the normal and natural situation:

Bureaucratic management is management bound to comply with detailed rules and regulations fixed by the authority of a superior body. The task of the bureaucrat is to perform what these rules and regulations order him to do.

His discretion to act according to his own best conviction is seriously restricted by them.

Business management or profit management is management directed by the profit motive. The objective of business management is to make a profit. …

There is no need to limit the discretion of subordinates by any rules or regulations other than that underlying all business activities, namely, to render their operations profitable. (Bureaucracy, 45-6)

In short, citizens seek their happiness and are free to innovate in the ways of its pursuit.

Bureaucrats (including, by the way, cops) are regimented by strict and minute rules and regulations.

Not the other way around!

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