Lew Rockwell has a wonderful interview with Tucker Carlson.

What they [the left] care about is evading personal responsibility for the disasters they’ve created. …

Trump’s main gift is being able to smell what’s true, the obvious truth, and say it out loud or ask a question about it. …

They won’t engage because they don’t have an answer. Their answer is, shut up, Racist. So Trump’s main threat to them is he’s the one guy who doesn’t care if you say, shut up, Racist.

He says, yes, whatever, what’s the answer? And that quality of his, above any other, is why they hate him.

The upshot is that ideologically, the tech elite — the bosses much more than engineers — are overwhelmingly on the far left. These guys have considerable public influence.

It’s perfectly libertarian to acknowledge that they got their money justly and even benefited society exceedingly greatly in their capacity as entrepreneurs, but —

also argue that their current support for left-wing and neocon causes is disturbing, anti-social, and dangerous.

In their capacity as sponsors and enablers of evil ideologues and smear factories (though again not as businessmen serving their customers), Google etc. brass are our enemies.

There is a more subtle argument that complements the last point. The federal government has enormous resources and, being surrounded by our somewhat free market, is a customer of Google as much as any private individual.

As a result, Google, even in simply serving its customers, as befits any business, is also by that very fact serving the state and doing in part what the state wants it to do.

Hence, the ideas that animate politicians and bureaucrats can seep into Google’s own policies. We should watch out for that.

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