Regarding the economics of immigration, there are two important points.

First, mass immigration will lower the amount of capital invested per capita and impoverish the natives.

Second, and consequently, what matters as regards any particular potential immigrant is not his IQ or even productivity but the amount of capital, both real and money, that he is bringing to this country.

We should welcome rich people who want to come to America and spurn the poor “huddled masses.”

Amy Cooper, the white woman who called the cops on a black guy she felt was threatening her life in the NYC’s Central Park, is facing a charge of “falsely reporting an incident in the third degree.”

This is of course a purely political persecution of an innocent person. She, and future potential victims of black violence like her, are being sacrificed on the altar of political correctness.

Where are white people and especially feminists protesting “Justice and freedom for Amy Cooper!”?

The purpose of government schooling, and now increasingly the universities, is to promote racial equality by dumbing down white people so that they become as incompetent as blacks.

From a Tom Woods email: “One person asked: why are black people celebrating the day some slaveholders won their independence?”

Well, if it were not for the ideas of liberty and natural individual rights, we wouldn’t have had all the economic progress, in which case white people wouldn’t have been able to spend trillions on welfare handouts for blacks.

They wouldn’t have subsidized black reproduction, and there would be fewer blacks around.

And, to be less sarcastic, blacks would right now probably still be slaves.

Blacks are not “African-Americans”; they’re just Africans who either don’t understand America or despise it. They gladly devour the actual Americans’ tax money, though.

Another tragic casualty of the culture war which the good people are losing.

To be employed in any prominent position these days you have to recite the confession of faith and tithe a part of your income or profits to the Church of the Correct.

Also remember: silence is violence; you are not permitted even to shut up and mind your own business anymore. If you dissent, you might as well speak out.

Our homo-empire has suffered a minor setback. A weak and contemptible province has affirmed that marriage is *gasp!* between a man and a woman.

Will the imperial government invade and pacify the recalcitrant nation? Is war inevitable?

If Americans were judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character, then vast swathes of black people would stand condemned.

The “Karen” thing suggests that the left is throwing the feminists under a bus — leftists don’t need them anymore.

White women have outlived their usefulness and will be liquidated along with white men in due time.