Brittney Griner is black, a woman, a lesbian, ugly, and a violent criminal.

So she’s extremely intersectional and therefore marginalized and oppressed.

No wonder the woke, led by the Biden administration, want her freed.

Riddle me this. What happens when I own nothing but am not happy?

What if, in fact, I’m so unhappy (and due to owning nothing have nothing to lose) that I’m prepared to do something unpleasant to the members of the World Economic Forum?

Like lynch the bastards.

They’ll probably try to liquidate every such unhappy person.

But what happens if they resist?

It’s easy to understand why the old media like the New York Times are in favor of censorship.

They are trying to use the government to destroy their competition. They want only their competitors to be censored, not themselves.

It’s a game as old as capitalism laboring under its enemy the state. Says Adam Smith: “People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.”

There is another reason for censorship specifically about Covid and the vaccines, and that is that the media seek to conceal their crimes. In the long run, I think, they will not get away with it.

An argument, in fact the only rational argument I can think of, in favor of universal salvation is that hellfire is not used as eternal punishment because it suffices as a millisecond-long incentive.

No stone-cold bastard, no matter how crazy, can feel the burn and fail to repent instantly.

Of course, God unleashes hellfire on you when all else has failed and you really did yourself in spiritually.

Transgenderism is viewed as some sort of self-expression, a pinnacle of individuality, a daring use of freedom, a creative making of one’s own identity.

These things are sacred in America today.

I beg to differ. It’s merely self-destructive madness.

If only it were just that, though. People don’t say: “I’m free to declare myself trans, and you’re free to disagree with or criticize me.” No, “transphobia” is a hate crime.

I mean, suppose you are indeed your own “work of art.” You have crafted your “identity.” But suppose this art and identity are hideous. Why must I refrain from pointing it out?

So how about this: you do what you want to do, and I’ll do what I want to do. If I feel like “misgendering” you, that’s just what I’m going do. What’s right for you is not right for me. Got that?

Fat doesn’t make you fat.

Excess calories, the positive difference between how much you take in and how much you burn during the day make you fat, though of course fat, like most foods, contains calories.

Fat is perfectly great, and the keto diet, for example, aims to substitute it for sugar and carbs as your main source of energy.

The vaccine holocaust, you might say, is a conspiracy theory; it presupposes a malicious force out to destroy the world. You might ask, therefore, “Why would anyone want to kill me? I’m just a regular bourgeois worker-bee. Why do they think I’m their enemy?”

But you see, for these people it’s not personal, they don’t know you or care about you, it’s all business.

A pig farmer, when he slaughters his pigs, does not have anything against the pigs, he’s just in the business of making food.

So the globalists are in the business of “saving the planet.”

One death is a tragedy, Stalin said, a million is a statistic. From these people’s own point of view, they do not murder, they merely generate statistics of which you are just one small part.

The reason for inequalities in income between blacks and whites is not racism but the fact that the black man is stupid, violent, unempathetic, lazy, impulsive (i.e., has high time preferences), vicious, and uncooperative.

The black woman is hardly any better.

Fear not though, the gap is narrowing because white people are being worsened, slowly but surely, soon to become equal to blacks. The negrification of America is proceeding apace.