I wonder what the ideological aspect is of the anti-Trump war the media is waging.

Is it some Green New Deal? Return of hardcore socialism with expropriation and confiscation of private property? What’s the political vision underneath the “mostly peaceful protests”?

My guess is that we have a rather unique situation of the Democrats uniting the undead — all the social rejects, losers, criminals, perverts, haters of mankind, etc. — into a loose coalition in hopes of establishing a kakistocracy — rule by the worst.

An ideological vision can be important if the country is not so divided and “multicultural,” such that the citizens care about the common good. There is certainly no such thing now. In addition, the majority of Americans have been dumbed down to such an extent that they are not even capable of entertaining a coherent ideology.

This anti-intellectual anti-ideological climate is problematic because it implies a sort of war of all against all, with the government spitting out laws and regulations at random, and the legal (and now also illegal) plunder cranked up to the max.

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