Check out Life Extension’s “Bone Restore” supplement.

It’s got the 4 essential substances: vitamin D (D3), vitamin K-2 (MK-7), calcium, and magnesium; plus a few extra helpful ingredients.

These 4 suckers synergize exceedingly well with each other, as even cursory research will reveal. Taking some but not all 4 of them may even be counterproductive.

These aren’t some exotic nutrients; they are the fundamental stuff your body is made of and needs.

And the benefits go far beyond bone health.

I am not necessarily recommending this particular brand or collection of nutrients, because the dosages most appropriate to you may be different. For example, you may want to take each vitamin and mineral separately.

I do want to point out how cheap this particular supplement is: just $16 / month.

This remains true even if you buy the ingredients separately, e.g., Now’s K-2 or Asutra’s magnesium oil spray.

I’d say there is really no excuse for neglecting an aspect of health so important.

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