The leftist definition of racism is fluid, but generally comes down to 3 individually necessary and jointly sufficient conditions. Smith is racist toward race X if and only if:

1) Smith hates X;
2) Smith has the power to harm X; and
3) Smith is objectively superior to X in personal qualities.

This explains why leftists don’t think that South African blacks — who comprise the great majority, who hate the minority of whites, and who seek to plunder and murder whites — are racist.

This is because though conditions (1) and (2) are fulfilled, condition (3) is not. No sane black person considers himself superior to whites.

Therefore, the blacks’ political crimes in South Africa are motivated by pathetic resentment, wretched envy of their betters, but not racism.

On the other hand, for whites, (2) and (3) are fulfilled, but not (1). Whites may despise blacks, but contempt is an intellectual judgment, and thus distinct from hatred which is an emotion.

And almost no white person, even if he looks down on blacks, cares enough about them to hate them.

Hence racism pretty much does not exist in the world.

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