I have stressed the pride of the fallen angels that caused our war with them.

But there is a sense in which they envy, too.

Demons may be said to envy God in a formalistic sense by hating what God loves, viz., the human race. If God delights in humans, and demons want to destroy them, it’s as if they were jealous of His attention and viewed us as a source of diminution of their own excellence in the eyes of God.

Alternatively, they envy us for the favor and love shown to us by Christ.

Finally, because of that favor, they anticipate their own defeat at human hands, and envy our spiritual prowess.

The demons’ aim is thus twofold.

The primary end is to cause mankind to self-destruct, which will show that we are evil sickos who up and fell apart and hence should never haven been created in the first place.

Against this, we must thrive and indeed fill the earth and subdue it, thereby demonstrating the integrity, nobility, and eminence of our human nature.

The secondary end is to get men to worship demons, as this will prove to all that they are vastly superior to us.

By way of response, far from worshiping these guys, we need to deny them all spiritual influence over human affairs and in the end imprison them in the demonic hell for all time.

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