It is an obvious fact that a single vote among millions cast either for or against a candidate or issue can never determine the outcome of the election. Voting then is not a human action in a narrow sense. It is entirely submarginal; it fails to achieve the purpose of swinging the election; it is a complete waste of your time.

It is vain to hope that by this absurd gesture one can actually effect the ascendance of the lesser of the two evils.

The only reason to vote in a wider sense is rather to express your ideology. To whom it may concern, you say: fellow citizens: this is the sort of society I want to live in; this is my vision of the best political and legal system for this country and for the world, if we take into account foreign policy.

But for a libertarian like me, the second reason is nugatory, as well. For I despise both the Democrats and the Republicans. Yet these are the only choices. If I slightly prefer the Republicans, think about the message my voting for them will send to the foregoing fellow citizens.

I may privately be voting against the slightly more evil Democrats, but that’s not the signal the world at large will be receiving. The world at large will not think that I voted against the Democrats. It will think I voted for the Republicans. Worse, the Republicans will think I voted for them. They will falsely believe that they have my approval.

And I just don’t want to lie to the people on the election day.

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