Dr. Jon Barron is his huge book The Complete Baseline of Health evaluates the “natural” human diet. He argues that, contrary to appearances, we are not omnivores like bears but “frugivores” (fruit and nut eaters) like wild chimpanzees based on the nature of our teeth and digestive tract.

I think this is hopeless. We cannot find the optimal diet for ourselves by looking at our primitive past. The primitive past is not our “true nature” which we “evolved” or which progress has “corrupted.” The noble savage is not a standard to emulate.

Human beings are rational, have reason. This too is a perfectly natural fact. With the help of this reason humans build civilizations which too are proper and natural for them to enjoy.

We are built (we evolved, we were created by space aliens, whatever) therefore to create the vast variety of foods that civilization has to offer. It’s obvious, for example, that we are not carnivores like lions. We do not devour raw bloody meat from a still living animal. But we have mastered fire and cooking and can eat a steak in a nice restaurant. And there is nothing unnatural about that.

Each individual food should be evaluated on its own merits. It makes no sense to class anything as natural or unnatural.

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