Caitlin Johnstone:

Every capitalism-based solution that has ever been proposed for these problems is self-evidently ridiculous; the notion that privatizing the natural world can preserve oceans and rainforests is infantile nonsense that’s refuted by all of human history, as is the notion that the needful can be cared for solely by voluntary charity. No intellectually honest person believes this is true.

Over here! Me, me! I am an intellectually honest person, and I believe this is true.

See? A counterexample.

I don’t suppose Caitlin has heard of the tragedy of the commons and solutions to it.

No ancap who’s thought hard enough about ecocide and caring for the needful sincerely believes that capitalism can address these problems.

It’s not just that capitalism can address these problems, it’s that only capitalism can address them.

Caitlin rails against “propaganda” but herself cruelly dismisses those who disagree with her as intellectually dishonest and insincere. How is she different from those she denounces?

She cannot even imagine that she could be wrong. All of her opinions are “self-evidently” correct.

I hate to break it to you, sister, but very few things in this world are self-evident.

She’s an Idealist, of course, and I criticize her in the last couple of posts because it’s terrifying to witness so much passion devoted to an error.

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