Note also how neatly the feudalist ideology destroys Christianity. For Christianity is grace that perfects nature. The nature in question is the fact that all men are naturally friends to each other. Division of labor, division of productive activities between firms, the free market make each person profit from association with all others. Social cooperation benefits all as compared with autarkic existence. Individual creative initiative is the fount of progress.

Peace on earth and good will toward men are possible because they are in the long run profitable to all. This natural foundation eliminates violent hatred in the hearts of men that would prevail if everyone were in perpetual competition for the meager scarce resources whose supply could not be enlarged. Instead of hatred, the natural attitudes are mutual disinterestedness, non-aggression, natural-law justice and respect for human rights, bourgeois non-interference, eagerness to partake of the greater benefits of cooperation by paying the lesser costs.

On this Christianity builds by upgrading mere disinterestedness into love, as if pouring living water into a clean empty bottle.

But if, instead of being by nature friends, we are natural enemies of each other, no charity can be built on hatred. It’s just not possible. There is no room for it in the bottle because it is filled with filth. Lions and antelopes cannot love each other because their interests are diametrically opposed: life for one means death for the other. God’s grace is wasted and pointless, and God’s entire project, nonsensical.

The feudalist-environmentalist doctrine is Satanic in essence.

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