So, the Covington complete video… OMG, it’s the most boring video I’ve ever seen. There is a lot yelling and chanting. There is a lot of trash talking by the “black Hebrew Israelites.” How could this be a news item?

Well, it’s because the Indian dude is an outrageous liar and con man, judging by what he said on CNN. If, per impossibile, he believed he was telling the truth, then he may be insane.

The blacks, of course, have a right to their “opinions” and to be complete idiots. I think they were under the mistaken impression that what they were yelling were some sort of arguments.

(They were right, however, in saying (yelling) that the Bible does condemn homosexuality and correctly so. They erred in suggesting that gays should have no rights to be free from persecution by the state for their lamentable sins.)

The Catholic boys did nothing wrong. I liked their “let’s go home” at the end. They got bored, the marginally entertaining show was over, and that was it.

Just another fake news piece by the fake mainstream media.

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