Stuart Gottlieb sounds an alarm about “violent white nationalism” in an article ominously titled, “The terror to come.”

His only example of that is Timothy McVeigh, who of course was not a white nationalist.

In another hilarious statement, Gottlieb writes that “white nationalists” are “increasingly interconnected globally.” Why would people so intent on building their own “nation” communicate with foreigners, even if also white?

Wouldn’t such globalist nationalists — an oxymoron — for example, have to be fluent in numerous foreign languages, which would make them precisely more cosmopolitan than anyone else?

The reality is that white people are the least organized special interest group both in the US and the entire world.

There is no white nationalism, least of all violent.

But if white people continue to be hated by the likes of Gottlieb, that may change, perhaps even in an unfortunate way. You can only push people so far.

If there is any terror to come, Gottlieb will be responsible for it, thanks to his own slanderous propaganda.

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