I’m applying for a job with the Federal Reserve.

I want personally to profit from the money printing machine. I want to print new money and give it to myself.

I want to be the winner who gets the new money first. Let the moronic masses, the saps, the suckers, the dupes, the worthless losers suffer inflation while I grow fat and happy.

Obviously the Fed is evil, but since people don’t realize it, I, as its future employee, will collect massive amounts of cash while laughing at these pathetic multitudes with contempt.

They think the Fed is serving the common good. Ha ha, idiots, you’ve been had! I’m ripping you off, and what fun that is! I have conned you, and you are thanking me for a job well done. Keep praising me, future master of the universe, out to scam you, the stupid and ignorant mob.

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