The law limits my pleasure, the woke say, so to hell with the law.

Of course, in the end, it will be the law that will send them to hell.

The paradox is that the Idealist Left is morally absolutist and does not reject law as such; they make up their own, and it’s batshit crazy.

As I write in Secrets, there are worse things than relativism, specifically getting your absolute morality wrong.

You see, personal fulfillment includes “feeling righteous,” and righteousness involves obedience to law. But discovery of and adherence to the true law is hard. But if you make up your own moral code, however arbitrary, you can more easily claim to be holy and signal this to others.

So, for example, I say, “trans women are women” (or whatever). Now I and everyone who agrees with me are the elect, “subtle in spirit,” and saved, at least for the time being; all those who defy me are by that fact the non-elect, “crude in spirit,” and condemned. Satisfying, isn’t it?

One good thing about being subtle in spirit is antinomianism: it’s impossible for one to sin. Whatever one does is always right and just. At the same time the non-elect are unregenerate scum who can be treated like dirt. So we end up with both extremes: merciless and ever-changing law on the one hand, and total license on the other.

This is another face of anarcho-tyranny today.

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