I like David Cole a lot. His columns are insightful and I agree with much of what he writes.

I don’t for a moment believe he’s a drunkard, his writings are both clever and sober. He’s a great storyteller.

Unlike him, however, I hold that there are such things as universal human rights.

And I do not buy the implication that accepting such rights entails any false affirmations of racial or national “equality.”

Look, there is no race or nation in the world worse than blacks. I think David might consider this opinion plausible. Yet here we are in America enjoying a kind of modus vivendi with them. We do not bomb black neighborhoods (blacks themselves pretty much do that) or send blacks to Africa. If whites can enjoy a measure of peace with blacks, Israelis can live in peace with the Palestinians.

In addition, our race problems are entirely the result of ideologies developed by white people. It is whites who have radicalized blacks, corrupted them, taught them to hate whites. If not for this disgusting egalitarianism, fake “compassion,” and hatred of the Western civilization, blacks could’ve been controlled. So again, peaceful coexistence is possible here, and a fortiori, in Israel.

I also object to the characterization of that conflict as religious, as Muslims vs. Jews. These people do not kill each other because of theological disagreements. I think it’s a purely political issue.

This war is unnecessary, Israel could have integrated the Palestinians and avoided the horror.

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