A “conservative” on Twitter told me that “there are more important things than cheap Chinese goods and consumerism.”

Now taken by itself, this is certainly true. What might those things be? Maybe artistic excellence, intellectual contemplation, moral perfection, wisdom, loving families, friendship with God, selfless service to fellow man.

But he did not bring up any of that. Instead he pushed “small town manufacturing.”

But “small town manufacturing” is trash, it has no intrinsic value. It is at best a means to an end. If a superior means is found, such as free global trade, this old expedient deserves to be discarded.

I argued: “Not sure why consumers have any moral duty to overpay for inferior ‘small town manufacturing’ junk.” The reply mentioned “American workers” who allegedly should not compete with foreign workers.

But the purpose of work is production, the purpose of production is consumption. If work is important, then consumption is even more so. “Consumerism” is just general prosperity. The American workers are the consumers. Why would he want to rip them off?

Free trade at its most general includes freedom of immigration. However, the latter is unfeasible in the present world. So I support free movement of goods and oppose mass immigration into the U.S. and Europe.

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