“Kamala Harris proposes equal pay measure to close gender gap.”

Hey Kamala, the consumers, including you — for you, too, are a consumer!, do not ultimately value the services of women as much as the services of men.

They are not willing to pay as much for stuff made by women than they are willing to pay for stuff made by men.

The difference has to do with productivity, specializations, child-bearing, differences between male and female genius, etc.

“Corporations” are in this instance just middlemen and have little influence over this fact:

Wage rates are ultimately determined by the value which the wage earner’s fellow citizens attach to his services and achievements.

Labor is appraised like a commodity, not because the entrepreneurs and capitalists are hardhearted and callous, but because they are unconditionally subject to the supremacy of the consumers of which today the earners of wages and salaries form the immense majority.

The consumers are not prepared to satisfy anybody’s pretensions, presumptions, and self-conceit. They want to be served in the cheapest way. (HA, 610)

Case — freaking — closed.

The “equal pay” proposal is illustrative not so much because of its absurdity on so many levels, but because of the complete breakdown of basic morals in the US.

Private property rights apparently count for nothing. They can be violated at the state’s will for whatever crazy reason. There is no limit to the government’s power. We are being ruled by gods who imagine themselves authors of nature, laying down their insane laws with carefree indulgence.

“Equal pay” today, total expropriation and confiscation tomorrow, because why not if the gods so will?

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