In Suez Canal, Stuck Ship Is a Warning About Excessive Globalization, says New York Times.

NYT is evil, but evil devours itself, and so the leftist propagandists become stupid, too, which limits the damage they do.

Anyway, mass immigration is “excessive globalization.” Free trade, or “just-in-time manufacturing,” is not.

These things did not “yield a bonanza for corporate executives and other shareholders,” because they merely intensified the competition between them, but they have served the consumers.

In the absence of trade between isolated villages, a fluke in the weather that ruins the harvest means death to the entire population. Globalization mitigates such vulnerabilities, not worsens them.

Accidents happen, and hopefully the people in charge will learn from them and take measures. And the threat of future such accidents can serve as an incentive to entrepreneurs to develop new trade routes. Otherwise, this affair has nothing to do with the merits of global trade.

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