A man ought to be able to see, that’s just how he works. That he should have functioning eyes is a matter of justice, to be done by God, his creator. Therefore, God owes this faculty to every man. But some are born blind. Does God wrong such people? Why would He make sick creatures?

The answer is that it is not God who makes a child’s body but nature. And nature is partially corrupt.

The problem of course is shifted back a stage. Why did God make imperfect nature that sometimes fails?

The Christian answer is that the corrupt physical nature reflects man’s (the species’) spiritual corruption. The latter is his own fault, and the former one of his punishments.

Perhaps this shifts the matter one more step back. Why must man be prone to sin in the first place? Well, maybe it was impossible for God to make him better. The union of rational soul and material body is inherently unstable. For all of God’s power this was the best He could do.

Are we to hate ourselves for it? Or strive for health, both spiritual or physical?

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