In a normal society, the most reasonable attitude a white person would have toward blacks is to ignore them completely:

The truth is that, until recently, most whites gave blacks relatively little thought, and would not have cared enough about blacks one way or the other to invest energy in obscuring their achievements.

Blacks simply have not mattered as much to the white world as Afrocentrists implicitly claim they did — and perhaps wish they did, for having powerful enemies is considerably more flattering than being ignored.

The limited interest in blacks shown by conventional historians is best explained by the belief that further interest was unwarranted. (Levin, Why Race Matters, 195)

In saying this, he echoes Mises:

The scholars of the West have amassed an enormous amount of material concerning the high civilizations of China and India and the primitive civilizations of the Asiatic, American, Australian, and African aborigines.

It is safe to say that all that is worth knowing about the ideas of these races is known. (HA, 86)

When white leftists falsely accuse whites of “hating” blacks, blacks get on board with the lie, because it makes them feel more important. “Good news!” blacks think. “Whites care enough about us at least to ‘hate’ us.”

The reality, of course, is that in a welfare-less pure free market economy with no special privileges to any official victims, blacks would be invisible. “Few blacks have achieved eminence in areas other than sports, entertainment, the demand for rights, or writing about race itself,” argues Levin.

There is no hatred for blacks; there is rather indifference, and that’s what stings.

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