Ronald Preston who claims to be a Christian produces the following gem regarding what he calls attempts to domesticate the “radical” teachings of Jesus:

One has been to say that Jesus expected the imminent end of the world and that the ethic was meant only for the short time left.

This is probably correct about Jesus’ expectation, but it does not follow that the ethic is irrelevant now that the world has not ended. (A Companion to Ethics, 99)

Try this for a syllogism:

1. Jesus is God.
2. God is omniscient.
3. Therefore, Jesus was and is omniscient.
4. Therefore, Jesus’ knowledge of the future when he was among us was perfect.
5. The world did not end shortly after Jesus’ death.
6. Therefore, Jesus could not have falsely believed that it would.

I mean, if Jesus was that deluded, then far from being God, he was a (merely human) idiot.

Preston’s claim is pure blasphemy.

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