At one point, I was fascinated with people who, despite doing evil, claimed to be animated by “good intentions.”

If you do evil “lovingly,” aren’t you immune to any criticism? If you die and stand before the Lord, won’t you be glorified, anyway? As St. Thomas writes,

Hence the intellect which has more of the light of glory will see God the more perfectly; and he will have a fuller participation of the light of glory who has more charity; because where there is the greater charity, there is the more desire; and desire in a certain degree makes the one desiring apt and prepared to receive the object desired. (ST, I, 12, 6)

You just sort of walk around the world wreaking havoc, destruction, misery, and death all around you, yet your heart is bleeding with love for fellow men. Aren’t you still a saint?

And if other people defend themselves against you, claiming that you are insane, aren’t you a martyr in addition and they, cruel persecutors?

Well, to answer that, there is an iron law of charity which makes it impossible to “do evil lovingly.” Good deeds increase charity or at least dispose the soul to its increase; evil deeds diminish or destroy charity.

Thus, for example, an important reason for the left’s awfulness is that leftists tend to be wretched sinners, really nasty people on the personal level. Their vices cloud their minds. They’d have to get better morally first before they get better intellectually.

Many on the left have long corrupted their souls and are consumed with hatred. Even if they started out with some good intentions, they surely don’t have any left anymore.

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