Here’s another pathetic “conservative” opinion by William Voegeli extolling “civil rights” legislation which has now allegedly been corrupted by the extreme left:

Thanks to the political and moral victories of the civil rights movement, America was on the right road, the one that led to “colorblind individualism”…

The daunting but noble goal was to make America more equal without making it less free and democratic.

But there is no such thing as colorblind individualism, because an individual’s race influences his personality, self, and traits of character. Ignoring one’s inherited qualities diminishes other people’s appreciation of his individuality. It’s also extremely stupid, since color-seeing can be used with considerable success to predict behavior.

In addition, civil rights legislation did make America less free by forcing inclusion and abridging business property rights. And there are plenty of “unintended” consequences of this evil policy that defeat the allegedly “noble goal” even on its own terms.

It was in keeping with this principle of one standard for all Americans that the 1964 Civil Rights Act repeatedly stipulates that —

its prohibitions of discrimination on account of race, color, national origin, etc., apply to all persons or any individual.

A one-size-fits-all “standard” enforced by “prohibitions” is utterly un-American. I mean, Universal Serial Bus is a standard; non-discriminationism is coercive idiocy. That’s why libertarians and paleos are right that there are no conservatives anymore, only more and less extreme leftists. Indeed just like Voegeli.

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