The way of power is through destruction and torture of the other.

To make your fellow man suffer is to demonstrate your power over him. To crush his body and soul, to make him your abject slave is to elevate yourself to the status of a god over him.

The only problem is that by torturing him you will make him hate you. The ultimate power therefore consists in the infliction of suffering coupled with making your victim love you.

Abusive relationships, Stockholm syndrome in kidnappings, and especially the state all succeed at attaining both ends.

This is of course the way of the devil who seeks both to destroy us and, in the meantime, to be worshiped by us.

God, despite His creative omnipotence, not only abstains from using His power but is hidden so well that some people doubt whether He even exists. And God does not compel our love despite being by His very nature good or goodness and hence for that reason essentially and irresistibly lovable.

It’s each man’s choice whom to imitate.

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