Vox is objecting to Amazon’s low prices and fast shipping as “anti-competitive” and “bad for the environment” now. There’s just no pleasing these people.

I mean, doesn’t this guy understand that competition is a dynamic process? It’s a ceaseless succession of entrepreneurial actions and reactions.

The “Walmarts, Targets, or pharmacy chains like CVS, Rite Aid, or Walgreens” he cares about will not stand still. They will themselves be forced to innovate and improve. Amazon’s success is not guaranteed even in the short run, let along longer run in which its competitors try to counter Amazon’s moves.

Walmart, etc. are not out of business yet. They have been threatened, and now they must hustle.

As these companies scramble to adapt, they, too, will have to lower prices and improve quality, or do something else entirely. This never-ending competitive process will continue to raise the people’s standard of living.

As for the “environment,” the author’s beef should be with economic progress as such, not with Amazon. If he is a misanthrope, surely there are more efficient ways of destroying the human species than siccing anti-trust lawyers onto poor Amazon.

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