“Ruritania, love it or leave it” is clearly a form of blackmail, because it is never really addressed to those who do not love Ruritania and so who will evil to it as the country’s enemies but merely to those who disagree with the demander on how best to promote Ruritania’s welfare.

The actual dispute is not about different ends but about different means to the same end.

At worst it is insisted that we love Ruritania’s government, as if the government were the country or the government acted in the interests of the country, both obvious falsehoods.

So, who are you to tell me either to agree with you or to get out of the country? (If your reason is that you are in a temporary majority and find it convenient to forget the Golden Rule, wait a little bit, and at some point you‘ll end up the one asked to emigrate.)

How can you impose on me such great costs of maintaining my integrity? A “love it or leave it” guy is like a Roman emperor presenting Christians with a dilemma: worship me or be fed to the lions. In both cases the victim is asked to either betray himself or suffer. It’s disgusting.

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