Remember the NYC Mayor Bloomberg’s 2013 soda ban attempt?

Pathetic, wasn’t it? Suppose Bloomberg had said instead:

I am a god. My power is absolute. All sweet drinks are hereby banned in the city. Anyone found drinking soda will be summarily tortured and then executed on the spot by the police.

I’d respect this in a perverse sort of way.

Instead, it wasn’t much of a ban; Bloomberg tried to regulate the size of soft drink cups, the types of drinks that could be sold, with many subtle exemptions and distinctions drawn in the law. The punishment would be a $200 fine.

That’s precisely what made the whole thing pointless and ridiculous on its own terms: the “ban” would have achieved nothing except economic chaos and possibly random violence on the black market for massive adulterated Coca-Cola doses.

We have only two choices:

  1. a society of free men;
  2. a society of one god and all others his subhuman slaves.

There is no “Third Way,” whether Bloombergian or any other kind.

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