There is an argument against concerns about transgenderism to the effect that “transitioning” is a personal lifestyle choice and hence is nobody’s business.

But look, I think either these people are crazy or they get scammed or both. If the former, I disagree with the argument that we must pander to and encourage every sort of madness.

If the latter, surely, the fact that an old lady gave her bank password to a conman and lost her savings is to be deplored despite the fact that “it’s her own fault” for being gullible. Transgenderism is literally identity theft as fanatics and “doctors” cheat young people of their very sexual identity!

And these criminals preposterously dare to masquerade as human rights activists!

In addition, surely, truth is important here as much as anywhere. The government has scammed billions of people with lies about the Federal Reserve, government “regulations,” or COVID vaccines. Don’t you think we need to dispel the illusions in this area, too?

People make mistakes, and we should to the extent possible advise them how not to.

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