There is another possibility. Gays may seek ordination in the Catholic Church precisely because they hate the Church and seek to discredit it. Frank Bruni continues:

I’m supposed to cheer, right? I’m an openly gay man. I’m a sometime church critic.

Hooray for the exposure of hypocrisy in high places and the affirmation that some of our tormentors have tortured motives.

Thank heaven for the challenge to their moral authority.

Bruni thus admits that he’d like the Church to lose its moral authority. He does not appreciate being called out as a sinner. He wants his poison to be happily approved by all. No “torment” for Bruni — God forbid someone opines that there is something wrong with it, after all!

It should be obvious that the proposition “Homosexuality is a vice” cannot be proven false by observing that the person uttering it is himself gay. “Murder is wrong” remains true even if asserted by a murderer.

In fact, if gays themselves condemn homosexuality, this sends a powerful message that not even people whose minds may be clouded by sin need to make intellectual errors. “The cardinals most accepting of gays, [the book’s author] said, are those who are probably straight.”

The crucified repentant criminal said,

And indeed, we have been condemned justly, for the sentence we received corresponds to our crimes, but this man has done nothing criminal. (Lk 23:41)

Thieves today cannot argue that the moral prohibition of theft has been “challenged,” because the person voicing approval of this rule in the Bible himself was guilty of stealing.

Hypocrisy is indeed a tribute that vice pays to virtue.

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