The reason for the cynical nature of some of my posts is that I have to get this stuff out of my soul in writing, or it’ll bother me to no end. I purge my cynicism by means of this blog.

You will not understand the libertarian fascination with conspiracy theories unless you grasp that it is not so much men who conspire to do evil while raising toasts “To human misery!” as evil angels, the “principalities and powers” who convince men that what is evil is in fact good.

Even political power flows not from the barrel of a gun but from the political ideology that directs the guns now at this target, now at that. And the ideology is the weakest point in the human defenses which the devils seem to breach and wreak havoc in again and again.

At the same time, every concerted human action is a conspiracy; for example, every business firm is engaged in the conspiracy to profit, sometimes virtuously by serving their customers, sometime viciously by seeking government money or protection. The state itself is a huge organization with various bureaucracies pursuing their own collective interests. These interests are uniformly opposed to the common good of society. It is not cynicism to be suspicious of the deep state’s plots.

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