For there is reason to think that if a city were composed entirely of good men, then to avoid office would be as much an object of contention as to obtain office is at present;

then we should have plain proof that the true ruler is not meant by nature to regard his own interest, but that of his subjects;

and every one who knew this would choose rather to receive a benefit from another than to have the trouble of conferring one.

Why rule others? Isn’t it a pain in the ass?

Won’t you be tempted to abuse your power and probably succumb? The best you could do would be to abolish the state and immediately abdicate thereupon.

What if you screw up and harm society, as you are almost certain to do? Isn’t your statist ideology almost guaranteed to be false and vicious? Your name will be cursed for generations to come.

Isn’t it impossible to rule large states justly, anyway? Won’t you be a slave to a thousand conniving and ruthless special interest groups? Won’t the Deep State bend you to its will one way or another?

Forget about it: if nominated, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.

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