“Ladies and gents, I drink to the demise of Fat Moe’s speakeasy. Who the hell wants to drink here legally anyway, am I right?” (Once Upon a Time in America)

Same with pot and other “narcotics.” Few will want to abuse them or even give them a second thought when they become legal.

“Men love war; women love warriors”?

In fact, only psychopaths love war; and only women who want to be beaten, battered, and abused by those psychopaths love warriors.

The only thing that can revitalize our spiritually dead or dying societies, such as Europe, is burning charity of individuals for each other and for the world as a whole.

Please, Lord Holy Spirit, grant us this most precious gift.

The nuclear war will probably be started by Israel. It will cleanse the neighboring nations and become undisputed ruler of a vast radioactive desert wasteland.

The end of the world will be announced not with trumpets but with some kind of an air raid alarm. We will all bake together when we bake.