As a libertarian, I regret the fact that intra-city roads and oceans are not (yet?) fully privatizable, that the state (or at least its executive branch) cannot be fully abolished, or that cities and local governments might not survive without taxes.

This case of weltschmerz does not entail, however, that liberty is not to be pushed as far as possible and in fact almost all the way everywhere — though no farther to where it is — unfortunately — unfeasible.

I’m not “fiscally conservative”; I think taxation is theft, and I want to destroy the state.

I’m not “socially liberal”; I would look with favor on bourgeois private civil society promptly repressing perverts and sickos of every kind.

I’m sorry, I just can’t take seriously a philosopher who uses “she” as a general pronoun to refer to man or human beings.

It’s like these philosophers are afraid of the feminists. They got no self-respect. What pussies.

Another consequence of minimum wage legislation:

If McDonald’s is forced to pay more for labor, they’ll have to cut costs elsewhere, such as by reducing the quality of their food.

Are you sure you want your junk food to be even worse than it is now?

“In 1950, it was decided that Jane and Joe Public could not handle the truth…, and should focus on more important things, like paying taxes.” — Monsters vs. Aliens

A more feudalist — and evil — sentiment has rarely been expressed.

“If it is true that government derives its authority from God and is entrusted by Providence to act as the guardian of the ignorant and stupid populace, then it is certainly its task to regiment every aspect of the subject’s conduct. The God-sent ruler knows better what is good for his wards than they do themselves.” (HA, 733)

But muh totalitarian bureaucracy!

One can be a fanatical anything but not a libertarian. I mean, can one “fanatically” want to leave people alone to live their own lives in peace?

Not that fraternal correction and setting one’s own incentives are not useful, but surely it cannot be said of libertarians that their

“revulsion from an unwanted self, and the impulse to forget it, mask it, slough it off, and lose it, produce both a readiness to sacrifice the self and a willingness to dissolve it by losing one’s individual distinctness in a compact collective whole.” (Hoffer, True Believer, §43)