One can be a fanatical anything but not a libertarian. I mean, can one “fanatically” want to leave people alone to live their own lives in peace?

Not that fraternal correction and setting one’s own incentives are not useful, but surely it cannot be said of libertarians that their

“revulsion from an unwanted self, and the impulse to forget it, mask it, slough it off, and lose it, produce both a readiness to sacrifice the self and a willingness to dissolve it by losing one’s individual distinctness in a compact collective whole.” (Hoffer, True Believer, §43)

Keynes to the rescue! The government can create useful jobs by paying people to destroy its nuclear bombs, tanks, and death ships.

Loreena McKennitt is probably the worst singer I’ve ever heard. She thinks singing indistinctly so that you can’t understand a single word of the lyrics is a virtue.

Perhaps she finds this technique “more melodic.” Meh.

We need to take the drug trade out of the hands of blacks and into the hands of politically connected big corporations.

“Ladies and gents, I drink to the demise of Fat Moe’s speakeasy. Who the hell wants to drink here legally anyway, am I right?” (Once Upon a Time in America)

Same with pot and other “narcotics.” Few will want to abuse them or even give them a second thought when they become legal.