Says Hazlitt:

The worst situation is one of mutual hostility, mutual aggression, war.

The second-best is one of “isolationism,” or refraint from mutual aggression.

But the ideal situation is one of international cooperation.

Leave it to today’s idiots to condemn (2) but seek to replace it not with (3) or cooperation but with (1) or war.

Note also that (2) is unstable and tends to degenerate into (1), unless every effort is made to bring about (3).

The word “proletarian” is a psychological diagnosis:

an ignorant, frustrated man with an undeveloped personality who angrily blames the “system” for his own failings.

The free market is not a place (as in marketplace), nor is defined by voluntary exchanges, since such exchanges occur even in an evenly rotating economy.

It is a process, an unpredictable series of novel entrepreneurial competitive moves and countermoves aimed at capturing profits and harnessed for social benefit.

As Roseanne has learned, you shall not speak ill of the apes… I mean, gods… ape-gods?

It’s not the first time: Rodner Figueroa blasphemed likewise, too, and lost his job; it doesn’t matter if the alleged Bad Words are “true.”

Again, in late 2016, Pamela Taylor lost her job as an official a small West Virginia town for calling Michelle Obama “ape in heels.”

Roseanne’s firing shows that often, the confession of faith is more important than money. In Hollywood, they do believe their own PC religion.

Every war victim killed physically and every war murderer who kills his own soul are trophies on the devil’s wall.

We can’t right now solve global environmental problems like oceans pollution or space trash.

In order to have a chance of succeeding at these formidable tasks, we must press forward to have the greatest general economic progress, specifically through laissez-faire capitalism.

The hope is that our future technology and expanded industrial base will “spill over” to offer solutions in regard to these for now unprivatizable commons.

“Supreme Court deals defeat to workers’ rights,” says LA Times.

“This ‘rights’ business sounds statist,” I reflected on reading the headline, “like New Deal regimentation or even socialist propaganda.” And it was:

The justices by a 5-4 vote Monday agreed with Trump administration lawyers on two key issues.

First, workers do not have a right to go to court to sue over alleged violations of federal workplace laws. They must accept industry-sponsored arbitration.

Second, the arbitration rules may require employees to bring their complaints as individuals and not as part any group or class.

Your rights are set by your employment contract. All “federal laws on wages, hours, or civil rights” must be abolished posthaste as tyrannical and counterproductive.

Me to my atheist grandma:

“When you die, you will judge God. If God is not normal, He will go to hell; if He is reasonably decent, He might go to heaven.”

Free trade is not a spigot the government can turn on and off at will. Dividing labor and setting up specialized production takes time, sometimes years. One cannot keep his factory producing if today there is free trade and tomorrow it is outlawed. There must be some stability and security in the international affairs so that entrepreneurs’ long-term plans have a chance of succeeding.

Moreover, the unending threat of sanctions and blockades and tariffs prevents division of labor from developing in the first place, since businessmen cannot rely on keeping their customers and suppliers.

The global economy is to that extent more primitive, and we as consumers are poorer.

The US government, before venturing abroad in search of monsters to destroy, must first create those monsters.

Sometimes it does so directly by bringing chaos into the world and watching with satisfaction the worst ruthless nutjobs take over. “Well done!” the pro-war sickos congratulate themselves.

And sometimes it just unleashes a propaganda campaign against some hapless foreign ruler, calling him a new Hitler for months until public opinion finally solidifies against him and permits a war to be started.