It’s day 4 after the elections, and they are still counting the votes for Biden?

Democrats are inefficient at election fraud.

“Deserve” is a bad word like “Democrat.”

Nobody deserves anything. Or rather what everyone deserves is instant death for his many sins.

If God were meaner than He really is, He’d execute justice upon us on the spot, and the earth would become empty of men.

None of this means that since one does not “deserve” his income or wealth, Rawls can come and “redistribute” it. Rawls cannot violate people’s natural rights which are theirs because of their humanity not because of any prior “merit.”

Q: What holds the world up?

A: The inner desire of all things (1) to exist and (2) to interact with all other things according to law.

Writes Gary Watson:

Sexual activity must strike the non-erotic being as perfectly grotesque. (Perhaps that is why lust is sometimes said to be disgusting and sinful in the eyes of God.)

Nonsense. God is 100% erotic. He is in love with your soul which in relation to Him is feminine, wants to make sweet love to it, impregnate it with His grace, and have it bear sweet fruit.

The physical imitates, is a sign or sacrament of, the spiritual.

American globalism wants to invite the world; and American nationalism wants to invade the world.

I don’t like either.

My feeling is that this country is in very serious trouble.

Pray to God that He may have mercy on America and raise for us champions who, through their good mighty deeds, will save us from self-destruction.

Some philosophers have the following view of the real-world economy:

We have two classes of people, the better off and the worse off, squabbling over the distribution of booty, the worse off calling the better off greedy and selfish, and the better off calling the worse off useless eaters.

Nothing could be simpler.