There once was a time when companies made products while taking people as they actually are.

It was assumed that if you’re the sort of guy who likes potato chips, they’d cater to your tastes; if not, not.

Now they make products the success of which requires changing people’s identities, their very souls.

You don’t like this movie? Well, you’re an evil racist and must repent and come to like it.

Z Man makes sense when he writes that much of today’s art is cultural vandalism because the vandals couldn’t make beautiful things if their lives depended on it. It’s another aspect of anti-Western, antiwhite ideologies.

On the one hand, plenty of art, including by white people, is deliberately ugly, e.g., intended to mock “capitalism” or Christianity. On the other hand, we don’t want modern savages adding to the numbers of these miscreants.

But what are we supposed to do about it? We can “refute” them. But they have a right to do these things.

One would hope that people will not pay their money to see crap like that. Amazon is still a profit-making company. They have payroll to meet every week. And this is pop culture, not some avant-garde stuff. “Get woke, go broke” is a hope that reality will at some point bite them in the ass.

The ultimate reason for the lockdowns, masking, involuntary vaccinations is that all these are new perversions.

The people decided: “Our lives are boring. Let’s freak out and run around like headless chickens. We’ve never done that before, so it might be fun!”

We can do it, so why not? Let’s go nuts!

Unfortunately, insanity does not work and has a definite price which we’re all paying even now.

Why is it fashionable to hate Christians today?

Well, the Christian faith and culture make certain proclamations about right and wrong.

Many people do wrong and do not appreciate having their sins condemned. More important, often they do not see themselves in the true light and do not even believe that what they are doing is wrong. Thus, in addition to being morally corrupt, they are also delusional and deceived, maybe even insane.

Such insanity has tremendously intensified in recent years. Indeed, this is a sign that God will no longer “bless” America but has left her to her sins.

As a result, the wicked not only rebel against Christian morals but also (falsely) think the Christians accuse them of sinning unjustly. And they hate them for this injustice.

But in fact this hatred only aggravates their crimes.

The Russia-Ukraine war could long have been over if Americans had wanted it.

But they did not then and do not now. They’re stupid, but what can you do?

So at this point the only way to peace is for someone to win.

And this someone had better be Russia because if they feel like they’re losing, they’ll escalate their “special military operation” into an out-and-out war, maybe even nuclear kind.

The sooner Zelensky surrenders or at least negotiates with Putin, the sooner recovery can begin.

It does not benefit Americans to “weaken” Russia or any other country, but on the contrary to strengthen it.

If every nation, including Russia, becomes an economic powerhouse, general prosperity, including the prosperity of Americans, will only increase.

Perverts are quarreling and accusing each other of “hate.”

(They’re right. They do hate, you know… virtue. Yes, what a quaint idea.)

Let, I suppose, the Oppression Olympics begin.

Or in other words, mirror mirror on the wall, who, among the “oppressed,” is the ugliest of them all?

There is no such thing as the “right to vote.”

Voting is a power, not a right. Specifically, it is the power to coerce others to do your bidding, not a right like the right to be secure in your person or property.

If the “future” is “female,” it is only if women will love stronger than men, especially their children, and devote themselves to their welfare.

It is not because in the future women will attain the feminists’ heart’s desire: power without competence or responsibility.

To all white people who are still trying to curry favor with the woke:

Realize that you have no identity, no dignity, no moral rights, no rights to have your own goals and to live your own life.

“Justice” requires that you instead devote your lives to serving blacks as slaves.

In so doing, you must continually praise blacks as saints and condemn yourselves.

If you cannot do this, if you cannot profit blacks from tireless labor on their behalf, then you must die and will your property to blacks.

Refuse, and (oh, no!) they will call you racist.

Clearly, you have no choice.