The “Karen” thing suggests that the left is throwing the feminists under a bus — leftists don’t need them anymore.

White women have outlived their usefulness and will be liquidated along with white men in due time.

Kiss Me In The Morning by Jorja Smith:

… Now I’ll keep singing
On this bandstand
Every evening to get it right
So if you kiss me in the morning
Though you might enthrall me
Don’t you baby doll me
You better call me tonight

Now see, that’s a double rhyme in the last sentence. Isn’t that cool? The song is complex, the music superb, the voice seductive.

That’s how you do this thing, people.

The left had tried to “control guns” for decades in order to soften America up for the riots.

They failed generally though they succeeded in the inner cities, which is precisely the places that were terrorized and destroyed.

The rioters did not penetrate into the suburbs because they feared being gunned down as the folks there defended themselves and their property.

Thank goodness for this favor.

Scanning the MSN tabloid today reveals dozens of articles on blacks, BLM, “racism,” and so on.

Now blacks have diminished individual agency; as Michael Levin argues, they have a blurrier “locus of self-control.”

Nor are they agents of social change. They are just, in Marxist terminology, lumpenproletariat.

They are pawns, tools in a much larger game of the cultural revolution being played out right now.

I don’t know why these guys feel the need to culturally appropriate Christianity.

Jesus chose a people, the Israelites, and He came to them, and He was born as one of them, and He was most certainly not black. He was not some undifferentiated racially mixed blob; He was white.

Close the borders to alien migrants and then in every other respect globalize the hell out of every nation.

Universal peace through global social cooperation and trade is so close I can taste it, yet still so far away.

BLM boss Yusra Khogali thinks white people are “genetic defects.”

black ppl simply through their dominant genes can literally wipe out the white race if we had the power to.

Yeah, you wish, motherfucker.

White people have nothing to fear from the black barbarians. No capitalist civilization can fall from an assault of primitive savages like blacks, either external or internal to it — unless it is first corrupted from within.

This corruption is of course being attempted, and we must resist it.

I agree with Rothbard on enabling self-defense against violent street crime, but the Judge Dredd-style punishment regime sounds dubious.

A perhaps superior solution is to privatize the judicial system, making all judges private profit-seeking professionals.

This’ll up the supply of judges and provide the right incentives for speedy trials.

The workings of the physical world can be modeled by math, often of extremely sophisticated sort, beyond even calculus. How can Ayer then assert that math, being the foundation of natural sciences, gives us no information about the external reality?

It is an arbitrary, though convenient, rule of language that words that stand for temporal relations are to be used transitively; but, given this rule, the proposition that, if A is earlier than B and B is earlier than C, A is earlier than C becomes a necessary truth. (186-7)

It’s not a “rule of language”; it’s how Mr. Time works! (Perhaps even in all possible worlds.)

In philosophy, all “radical” systems, including Ayer’s “radical empiricism” or logical positivism, are uniformly false, because philosophy is complicated and hard.