I don’t think the Covid vaccines are “experimental.” It implies that Pfizer, Moderna, etc. had good intentions, it’s just that they moved too fast out of godly eagerness to save us.

In fact, these guys knew exactly what they were doing poisoning the world. They’re self-conscious, deliberate deceivers and merchants of death.

U.S. neocons: we will rule this world or see it burnt to ashes around us.

At least Mengsk’s ambition in the story was not to spread gay rights, and other like perverted “freedoms,” throughout the empire.

Why won’t Biden come clean and say something like this:

“The public policy of this administration is de-industrialization and de-civilization for the sake of improving the climate.

“High gas prices are entirely by our design, and they’re only going to get higher. Fixing the climate requires sacrifices from you, and still more sacrifices will be asked for in the coming years.

“You must lower your expectations of your standard of living. You will grow poorer with time, and so will your children. However, that is the price to pay to solve the existential problem of climate change.

“I trust you approve.”

Why can’t they tell the truth for once?

Biden has no “tools” other than violence (and deception), and violence does not produce any gas.

His F-15s and nukes will not work here.

Though I suppose the FBI agents who raided Project Veritas could be reallocated to build a new refinery.

How is attributing the alleged Sudden Adult Death Syndrome to Covid vaccines a conspiracy theory?

No human motivations are involved. No group is accused of any misconduct. It’s a scientific theory, or at least a hypothesis, and in my view a plausible one.

Why not work with it and test it?

These guys just use that term to attempt to discredit the opposition and stifle debate. Ignore them.

The Pentagon is making bioweapons with which to destroy the world.

Are you surprised? What do you think the military is going to with $1 trillion it gets each year?

Do you think they’re spending it on pretty uniforms and washing the tanks?

Their “job” is to kill people and destroy property. They’re spending the money to improve the ways in which they do just that.

Man’s power is now so great that he can annihilate the entire human race. And the Pentagon is working diligently to make that happen.

Two weeks, of abstaining from gay sex, to slow the spread.

Is that too much to ask?

Homosexuals are some of the biggest Covid vaxx zealots. You, among others, crushed us during Covid, why can’t we crush you during monkeypox?

Be sportsmanlike, and submit.

The Russians celebrated their “victory day” on May 9.

The mindless, pointless, meaningless still-communist Russian hive has no reason to live, but it dumbly remembers that at one point of its virtual non-existence it was threatened. The memory of this event lives on.

It was the only thing that happened to Russia that is apparently worth recalling.