My grandfather used to enunciate the following summary of work culture in the Soviet Union:

You’re the boss, I’m the idiot; I’m the boss, you’re the idiot.

The congressional Democrats are calling the Republicans “irresponsible” for wanting to cut spending.

That’s a new one.

Apparently, it’s our holy moral duty to feed the parasites.

I like Caitlin Johnstone’s point that the ostensible purpose of nukes is to deter conventional warfare like what happened in World War 1 and 2.

But NATO is attacking Russia conventionally. Clearly, they’re not afraid of nuclear Armageddon. Or they’re crazy. Whatever the case, they’re not helping the rest of us.

Putin will never allow Russia to be carved up. If he feels threatened, he’ll push the button. So that’s a non-starter.

To the left I say, look, if there is a nuclear war, there will be violence against the transsexuals! The oppressed victims will be victimized still further! Stop the injustice!

How do you expect people to be at all responsible or have any grip on reality who do not even know the definition of the word “woman”?

It is clear that in America the reign of chaos has come at last. Shit will be hitting the fan soon.

Stalin had the motto: “When there is a man, there is a problem. When there is no man, there is no problem.”

Globalists today do him one better: “When there are billions of people, there is a problem. When there are only millions of people, there is less of a problem.”

Brittney Griner is not “trans” but is a woman despite possessing many masculine traits.

Now wasn’t that easy?

A “religious” idea does not mean that it’s irrational or held blindly or with great devotion. It means truth that is above, though not contrary to, reason but testified to by divine grace.