“My prediction is when the disease is endemic we’re going to have COVID vaccines as part of a regular vaccine schedule like MMR, so people who are born will get the vaccination schedule along with other vaccines,” top epidemiologist and government coronavirus adviser Prof. Nadav Davidovitch said.

No, you’re not, because you’re all going to die from the vaccines, including the children.

The Jews are holocausting each other. Life is… whimsical.

The media won’t even lie and claim that Bob Saget’s death was not due to the vaccine.

That might attract unwelcome attention and cause controversy, you see. They won’t even acknowledge vaccine injuries.

They could say, for example, that Saget heroically sacrificed his life by taking the vaccine for the greater good. He is a soldier who perished in the war against Covid. Let us honor him for his selflessness and bravery.

Of course that, too, would be nonsense. Saget died for absolutely nothing. It was a meaningless death, other than to please the globalists in their perverse plot.

But the silence is deafening.

Whether the Supremes block, or allow, the OSHA vaccine mandate depends mostly on what the judges ate for breakfast on the day of the decision.

It’s only natural that the Kool-Aid drinkers would seek to persecute the non-suicidal people.

Soon enough it will become clear to everyone that the vaccines destroy human health, not improve it.

“In a totalitarian hegemonic society the only freedom that is left to the individual, because it cannot be denied to him, is the freedom to commit suicide.” (HA: 283)

“During that time these people will seek death but will not find it, and they will long to die but death will escape them.” (Rev 9:6)

Mises was an optimist.

If the U.S. population is going to decline by 50% in the next few years due to deaths from the vaccines, does it really matter whether the ultimate reason was incompetence or malicious will?

If you don’t like “conspiracy theories,” stupidity theories are plentifully available.

But it strains credulity to the breaking point to hold that the global failure on every level, from governments to doctors to Big Pharma to TV talking heads to social media censors, was mere incompetence.

Incompetent people get fired or shoot themselves in the foot. They do not cause the Great Reset.

Because the official religion of the state should be atheism, right?

Oh wait, it already is.

“The Columbus County Sheriff’s Office must serve all citizens equally, whether Christian or non-Christian.” Just how does the quote interfere with the sheriff’s service to atheists?

I mean, how much more absurd can they get? How does a Bible quote on a wall of a local official establish a religion? According to the sheriff, it “was paid for with private funds,” anyway.

Idiots have been emboldened by the woke culture, to our great loss.