Trump is only trying to help the Iranian people, says crazy Fox News.

Such as presumably blockading the country to cause “50 percent inflation and food prices that have risen 85 percent.”


“Iraq has voted to kick out US troops. But America is an Empire not a republic. Iraq is a weak and pathetic conquered territory. They will obey, or they will be destroyed. The great program of imperial subjugation of the universe shall go unimpeded into eternity. No one is leaving anything.

“God need not bless America, because America is itself divine. Its power and violence are self-justifying. All shall tremble before its might!”

Wouldn’t it be interesting if the Iranians sank a few of the imperial deathships?

The sailors manning these sea monsters are irrelevant: they are paid both to kill and to die in equal measure.

It’s no tragedy if someone who lives by the sword also dies by it.

Regarding Iran, does the Washington establishment’s and the media’s hatred for Trump exceed their love for war?

Christopher DeGroot claims to be the great father of the people:

… the result would be chaos.

Everyone being free to go his own way so long as he doesn’t harm others makes for endless conflicts and question-begging. Such liberty is contrary to social order…

DeGroot fails to appreciate the deliverances of economics. Individual liberty and the common good or social order are not in conflict.

Incidentally, just with whom is a guy jerking off at porn in his home in conflict? He seems to be entirely alone.

“Paternalism” is one of the reasons we have our monstrously big state. DeGroot might have favored smaller government, but he has his own designs on it. He’s itching to take power to put forth his own programs, such as this ridiculous outlawry of pornography of his.

Is it really that hard to distinguish between vices and crimes?

What a waste.

GLAAD said of J.K. Rowling that she “has now aligned herself with an anti-science ideology that denies the basic humanity of people who are transgender.”

This is how she should’ve replied:

Idiots! You’re anti-science — anti-biology. And I did not “deny the basic humanity” of anyone; I denied only that trannies are human females; they remain of course fully human males.

If I were a radical feminist, I’d argue that transgenderism was a weird trick or ruse of a dying patriarchy.

Men see that women are gaining power relative to them, so they are trying to switch teams to join the ranks of a rising class, however implausible the attempts.