The greatest contribution to the economy is made neither by small businesses nor by large businesses but by mid-side businesses that are in the process of becoming large.

What on earth is the Australian government plotting?

You can’t have a totalitarian “New World Order” and an advanced capitalist economy. So if they implement their COVID slave state with their slavery passes, they’ll destroy their economy.

You can’t lock people down as if they were subsistence farmers. Everything is interconnected.

There is no “building back better,” because there is nothing better than capitalism.

They won’t even have any money for their stupid nuclear subs.

“Gates is a psychopath who pretends to care but really wants to kill off society,” argues Martin Armstrong.

On the other hand, he says, “In all of my discussions over decades, the view was that communism ONLY failed because they did not have the United States and Europe. If the entire world was Communist, then somehow Marx would have been vindicated.”

It’s unlikely that Gates would want his property confiscated allegedly for the sake of the workers and the peasants. If anything, Gates would like to kill the workers and the peasants.

The future is not socialism but feudalism: giant corporations enjoying permanent privileges and profits, restrictions on entrepreneurship, employees bound to land and places of work, topped off with depopulation.

Ben O’Neill has written a great article “Public Policy by Ransom.”

We can get creative with this. People commit violent crimes. This forces the government reluctantly to impose martial law until everyone gives up their guns. Dudes on Facebook become “incandescent with rage” that some gun owners resist the decree, thereby prolonging the martial law.

The government wants everyone to wear a green uniform and bow to Mecca three times a day and declares a lockdown until most people comply. If some refuse, this is entirely their own fault. They are immoral for not obeying. The media decry the resistance because it prevents the lockdown from being lifted.

So that it should come to this!

Environmentalism poses a fundamental challenge to economics.

You’d study economics to learn how to make people, indeed the whole world, prosperous.

But what if you hate people because you think there are “too many” of them, because they pollute and destroy habitats and use up “resources,” and so on and want to kill them?

If you think that humans are a virus that infects the sacred body of the Earth Mother, you are unlikely to want to promote their good.

Economics is a branch of praxeology, a science of human action. Its aim is to show how people cooperate with each other in order to alleviate scarcity of goods. But another branch could be a science of violent conflict, a sort of “art of war.” An environmentalist may want to use this art in the service of the aim of destroying mankind. He’d “scientifically” engage in violence and deception to make people suffer.

Certainly economists were not prepared for an assault like this. In every book I’ve read it is presupposed that economic development is desirable. But if this assumption is rejected, it’s difficult to see how economics can be of any value.

Suppose Smith says to Jones, “I’d like to violate your rights. But I realize that this would be morally wrong. So, I’m declaring a ‘state of emergency’ under which my depredations will be perfectly Ok.”

Would anyone really buy Smith’s ruse?

Take an average contented bourgeois. Almost everything he thinks he knows about what’s going on in the world is false.

Truth is not to be found within the order of the official narrative, nor within the chaos of random “conspiracy theories.”

It’s more likely to exist on the edge between the two where the official line is debunked and reasonable alternatives defended.

As I have pointed out several times on this blog, the greatest fight of the 21st century will be capitalism vs. feudalism.

For a lot of our future “lords,” feudalism is attractive because of the inhuman environmental dirt cult they’ve signed up for, the worship of the Earth Mother and the “evenly rotating ecosystems.”

Me, I’ll stick with God the Father.