Bernie is a millionaire who hates billionaires, probably because he is not one himself.

I think his problems are not really our problems.

A self-proclaimed “god” is feeling oppressed.

And the “civil libertarians” are defending this provocateur in court.

Isn’t it obvious that a vanity license plate is a government privilege, not a right?

Oh, and I can surely prove that you’re not God, Ben. I could kill you, while it is impossible to kill God in His divine self. Therefore, you are not God.

You might still be God Incarnate; perhaps you are Jesus, and we’re in the midst of His second coming. But it’s unlikely that Jesus would behave the way you do in many various ways.

Norman Podhoretz hated blacks but liked blackness. As someone noted, this is the Northern way.

I prefer the Southern approach: I’m perfectly fine with individual blacks, though I despise blackness.

Now that Bloomberg’s apologized for his undoubtedly true and factual remarks on blacks / Latinos and crime, he’s a goner.

He’s proven himself a groveling weakling. He has no chance at all.

It’s interesting, by the way, that what offends the correct the most is the truth.

If it were possible to raise black people’s IQ through some genetic engineering or what have you, we’d be well-advised not to do it.

It would only create smarter criminals.

I hate to break it to Sports Illustrated, but ugliness is not a type of “diverse” beauty.

We should show mercy to and have pity on the losers, but it helps no one to call them winners.

On the other hand, I’m sure there’ll be perverts who will be turned on by these freaks.

AOC introduces national fracking ban in the House.

I don’t understand, how is that socialism? Socialism would be expropriating, confiscating, and nationalizing the oil and gas companies.

Fracking would then be performed exclusively by the state.

This ban is pure destructionism. This girl is a tornado.

Consider the idea that we have reached the end of history which will consist in the states of the world practicing sustainably prudent predation: they will prey on the economy but not go so far as to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs; the parasite will abstain from bleeding the host dry.

Though looting, money printing, wars, interventionism of every kind will continue forever, nevertheless the states will allow a small measure of freedom and economic progress. The future is not all gloom and doom.

There is a fly in this ointment, however. With that economic progress, the “social” creative power will grow, but so will the parasitic on it and destructive state power. And when this state power reaches sufficient level, it will destroy all humanity and itself with it.

It may happen with a bang, like the new “Space Force” blowing up the planet Star Wars-style, or with a whimper as some deadly new virus escapes a government lab where it was manufactured, but unless the state is destroyed, it is inevitable.

In the long run, there is no such thing as sustainably prudent predation; if allowed to grow, human evil cannot be controlled.

Libertarianism is a matter not of 10% better bathtubs but of sheer survival of our species.