Caitlin Johnstone:

Every capitalism-based solution that has ever been proposed for these problems is self-evidently ridiculous; the notion that privatizing the natural world can preserve oceans and rainforests is infantile nonsense that’s refuted by all of human history, as is the notion that the needful can be cared for solely by voluntary charity. No intellectually honest person believes this is true.

Over here! Me, me! I am an intellectually honest person, and I believe this is true.

See? A counterexample.

I don’t suppose Caitlin has heard of the tragedy of the commons and solutions to it.

No ancap who’s thought hard enough about ecocide and caring for the needful sincerely believes that capitalism can address these problems.

It’s not just that capitalism can address these problems, it’s that only capitalism can address them.

Caitlin rails against “propaganda” but herself cruelly dismisses those who disagree with her as intellectually dishonest and insincere. How is she different from those she denounces?

She cannot even imagine that she could be wrong. All of her opinions are “self-evidently” correct.

I hate to break it to you, sister, but very few things in this world are self-evident.

She’s an Idealist, of course, and I criticize her in the last couple of posts because it’s terrifying to witness so much passion devoted to an error.

I don’t want mass immigration of ignorant Third World peasants with no skills or capital, so yes, close the border.

Present illegals should be deported.

But as long as an illegal stays here, there should be no restrictions on where he can work or on who can employ him. His crime is trespassing, not making a living. Leave businessmen alone.

I like Taylor’s article, but I object to his invocation of the need for “unity and common purpose.”

Usually, unity and common purpose are found in war. I hope Taylor is not recommending that we unite behind “our President” to invade the world.

We’ve just been through a health scare where 70% of the population united with each other in taking the poison death shot and in persecuting those unwilling to join them in their suicide pact.

Surely, today the establishment is united in its own pathetic ideology. One would think that Taylor, a dissident who has been banished from polite society, would ask for liberty, not unity.

But it’s refreshing to read someone with a non-disgusting vision of society.

Isn’t trannyism a descendant of feminism?

Once upon a time there was sexual differentiation. Men were men and did manly things, to some extent, and women were women and did womanly things.

The feminists did not like these roles. They thought the male role was superior and coveted it for themselves.

So with time, the roles became blurred.

But if a woman can do everything that men can do (and vice versa), why shouldn’t she become a man if she feels like it (and again vice versa)?

Isn’t rigid biological sex oppressive? Why should a child born biologically male be denied “equal opportunity” to become a woman? Isn’t it un-American? Aren’t we all equal?

And from that it is but a short step to the idea that children are born genderless and then discover their true gender as they grow up.

John Rawls’ twisted legacy (“social justice consists in equal distribution of penises and vaginas”) endures.

Caitlin Johnstone is hellfire, but an irresponsible and wicked one.

She wants to burn everything, the righteous along with the sinners, the good along with the evil.

She does not distinguish between virtue and vice, beauty and ugliness, creation from destruction.

Her version of egalitarianism is “there will never be any more saints.” Right, everyone is filth, so let there be equality in that.

She wants to “overthrow our rulers.” But she’s a communist, and she wants to replace them with a totalitarian state. She’s a “revolutionary” who wants to make the state omnipotent.

Incidentally, her columns, while filled with desperate angst and hatred, are almost entirely uninformative. One learns nothing in reading them.

So, bad hellflame, bad! No kindling for you!

The “gays” have nothing in common with the “lesbians,” neither of which in turn have anything to do with the “transgenders.”

LGBT is just a convenient political alliance between the corrupt and the insane.

Tom Woods discusses excess deaths in his latest email.

I believe things are going to get worse — much, much worse — in the coming years.

This calls to mind Stalin’s dictum: One death is a tragedy, a million deaths a statistic.

It’s unlikely there will be justice for the victims.

The Beautiful Epoch, the period in Europe between 1871 and 1914, ended because people could not rationally justify its existence.

If we are to build something like this again, we need to do a better job explaining why such a social order is good.

David Cole, as usual, has written a scintillating column. Some comments. He writes:

There’s not gonna be a race war or national divorce, and I know we’re all in mourning over Tucker, but when he screeched about how Pelosi’s Taiwan trip was gonna launch WWIII, I said it wasn’t gonna happen. And when he claims the Ukraine war is gonna launch WWIII, again I say, not gonna happen.

Well, World War I happened. And II. Why not III? If it doesn’t happen, then only because people like Tucker will stop it.

So today, if you want to argue, “Mentally ill men in dresses shouldn’t watch female children pee,” you have to explain why.

Which means you’ve lost.

I suppose we’ll have to try to explain.

How long do you think they’ll resist the daily lectures of “Your words are killing trans kids” and the daily pressure to “Stop committing genocide”?

The Left has been demonizing the Right for a very long time. Character assassination is their stock-in-trade. However, the rhetoric has by now reached fever pitch. It may partially be because of social media where every miscreant can broadcast his frenzy to the entire world. But I agree that it’s hard to have a rational conversation with irrational people.