Biden and the Democrats seek to create more permanent welfare parasites under the pretext of COVID and reducing “child poverty.”

As though it is “children” who are poor and not their parents who imprudently had these children which they could not afford. The long-suffering taxpayers are now required to subsidize these people’s bad decisions. In a normal society, people would be expected to wait until they had stable careers or businesses before reproducing. But we live in a dystopian nightmare.

Of course, when you subsidize something, you get more of it. “More than 1 million Black children would be lifted out of poverty by the plan…,” except soon enough there will be many more black children who will remain poor. Is there really a shortage of blacks in this country? Do we need more of them?

The political implications are obvious, too; as Mises pointed out,

Representative democracy cannot subsist if a great part of the voters are on the government pay roll.

If the members of parliament no longer consider themselves mandatories of the taxpayers but deputies of those receiving salaries, wages, subsidies, doles, and other benefits from the treasury, democracy is done for.

Democracy indeed appears to be done for on a number of levels.

Assume that after one dies, his separated soul goes to heaven. If sexual identity were not also spiritual, how could God or a heavenly inhabitant, upon looking at that soul, find out whether it was male or female? Or do you think that human souls are neuter?

Do you mistakenly think angels are also sexless?

Moreover, sexual identity is spiritual first and bodily second. If it were not, the transsexuals would not resort to monstrous measures to make their bodies look like those of the opposite sex.

Gender is not of course a mere subjective preference. But it may be an indelible spiritual identity.

Transsexuality is mind over matter taken to insane extremes. And the mind remains master even in this most favorable to matter contest.

America is put First not by a policy of “economic nationalism” but by entering into the division of labor and free trade with all other nations.

If China adopts a “China First” attitude, are we doomed to fight one another or can be peacefully cooperate for mutual profit?

If I have a “my family first” policy, must I inevitably start committing violent crimes to benefit my family? Must I separate my family from the rest of society and become “self-sufficient”?

No, America’s interests and the interests of other nations are harmonious. Big League Politics opposes war. But they need to understand that there is precisely no avoiding wars under economic nationalism.

The feature of the COVID vaccine that causes infertility in women may be its true intended effect: to alter the climate for the benefit of the super-rich conspirators by depopulating the planet.

It seems way more effective than providing “abortion services” to Africans, for example.

“After becoming man, God strayed from the path of His rigorous wrath,” I thought while driving today, thinking of the differences between the Old and New Testaments.

“I certainly did not,” a thought entered my mind.

“That is the exactly correct response, Lord,” I replied, laughing.

I’m almost certain the federal government is right now cooking up another pandemic in its biowarfare labs.

Wait for it, it’s coming up soon.

Are socialists the only people we can really count on to resist the fascists?

This is strange also because socialists would benefit from the empowerment of the state, especially when they’re the ones running it, and civil liberties is a bourgeois concept anyway.

In other paradoxical news, Black Lives Matter has been nominated for the Nobel peace prize.

So, it looks like the super-rich are dissatisfied with the climate and seek to improve it by shutting down economic development.

They’re like Marvin the Martian who wants to blow up Earth because it obstructs his view of Venus.

All billionaires are crazy.

It’s true in a sense that the delightful GameStop brouhaha is about “the ongoing war between elites and populists.” But it’s also partially misleading.

In the free market, the consumers, as Mises pointed out, make rich men poor and poor men rich. A typical story is, as Schumpeter called it, “three generations from overalls to overalls.” This process is entirely socially virtuous and serves the good of the whole people.

Almost the entirety of non-ideological politics consists in the presently rich trying to escape consumer sovereignty and outlaw competition while pretending that doing so is in the public interest. Most regulations, for example, are written by the dominant firms in the industry with the purpose of creating barriers to entry to that industry and of ensuring permanent profits to those firms, secure from attacks by future entrepreneurs.

The elites have no interest in the free market. Free market is good for the consumers and often for those who are presently poor but who are trying to become rich by competing with the presently rich. This has little to do with Trump or political populism. It’s the nature of the market to churn the social hierarchy, and a lot of people would eagerly use the violence of the state in order not to be churned downward.