The only reason for a community, on any level, to have a legislature empowered to pass positive law is to serve utilitarianism, i.e., the greatest good for the greatest number.

Positive law may deviate to some extent from natural law for the sake of this end.

So, we’d have utilitarian law and utilitarian taxes whose benefits on the whole outweigh the costs. Even if taxation is admitted to be theft, we are trading justice for welfare.

As an empirical matter, genuinely utilitarian taxes are very low.

But in the case of the U.S. Congress, all the congressmen are crooks and sellouts. It’s not that the congressmen should be schooled in economics, or something of that sort. It’s that the government is run by private interests for private profit, not for the common or greatest good.

As a result, the Congress is worse than useless, it is an evil institution. So as per the Declaration of Independence, “whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it…”

And that’s just what needs to be done. National divorce is beginning to sound like a great idea.

It is an indisputable fact that white people are, on average, morally and intellectually superior to blacks.

This does not entail that whites are oppressors and blacks are oppressed.

That Smith is in various ways better than Jones does not by itself make Smith evil and Jones good.

The superior do not by virtue of being superior oppress the inferior. The righteous are not oppressing the sinners. The smart are not oppressing the stupid.

Only if egalitarianism is true is it the case that the better off are wicked by not being equal to the worse off.

But egalitarianism is one of the most vicious and inhuman doctrines ever developed by white people. We must reject it without compromise.

The story about the Colorado school banning the Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag suggests that the “teachers” seek to turn children into mindless drones beholden to lies.

But note the contradiction.

If anyone deserves to be turned into drones, it’s blacks, for their own and the greater good.

If blacks were obedient worker-bees unquestioningly following orders, it would massively lower the crime rate and welfare costs. Instead, they are let loose and told that they are oppressed and can do no wrong.

The same is true for the alleged trannies. Why not stop corrupting the kids?

But no. The normal and good must be debased, and the monsters and sickos elevated.

It just shows that the Left, in change of the state and all the major institutions, seeks only to destroy.

The answer to Tom’s query is that MAGAs are fanatics who cannot make even the most elementary distinctions.

And Trump is just being Trump. He is a liability that needs to go away.


1) It is only demons who unjustly demonize others.

2) I see no reason to affirm and enable self-destructive behavior. Would you call someone opposed to substance abuse, “drugphobic”?

Don’t mess with authoritative Catholic teachings.

These guys have been around for two thousand years, don’t you think they might have solved a problem or two?

The wretchedness of the world reflects the wretchedness of man.

We have somewhat civilized the world but remained evil inside, or at least enough of us are evil to ruin it for everyone else.

This is not going to work. And now our toys will be taken away from us.

And what a disgusting, disgraceful, shameful way to go! Not conquered by ferocious warriors or by a mighty volcano but suicided by necromantic mad science in the blood!

I do not trust Keirseyan Idealists. I think a lot of them are nuts.

Behind their sweet talk of “oneness” and “unity” lies the skull of communism, coerced “equality,” global tyranny, persecution of dissenters, looting, and brutal violence and repression in the name of “love.”

The essence of justice, as you will learn from my books (soon to be posted), is harmony and progress.

Idealists do not even know their own cardinal virtue.

They do talk about harmony, but for them it means socialist egalitarianism, where the “comrades” feel “solidarity” with each other or some such idiocy. Everyone will “love” each other as soon as all property has been confiscated and expropriated, and “class enemies,” liquidated.

They seek to turn this world into one unified vast prison camp.

More recently, the woke — led by Idealists — have been glorifying the sinners and condemning the righteous.

These guys need a serious talking-to.

Ohio Issue 1 wants to substitute majority rule for amending the state constitution with a supermajority of 60%.

Now this change in itself may be good or bad, though I’m thinking bad for two reasons: first, the status quo has existed for 100 years without apparent problems; second, our elites who rule us are crazy and evil, and keeping democracy, however flawed it may be, is an important check on them.

But it’s the reason for the issue that takes the cake. Abortion is presently very restricted in Ohio. But apparently it is popular. So pro-choicers want to enshrine the right to abortion in the constitution and have managed to put the matter on the ballot in November. The pro-lifers seek to stymie them by means of this subterfuge.

This is preposterous. Vote no. And I say this as someone who would vote against abortion legalization.

It is permissible for a woman to say, “I am a masculine woman,” and for a man to say, “I am a feminine man.”

But it is absurd for a woman to say, “I am a man,” or for a man to say, “I am a woman.”

Once this elementary confusion is cleared up, transgenderism should go away.

(An interesting wrinkle here is that autogynephiliac males tend to be extremely masculine, so go figure.)