One effect of the Incarnation of the Son was that it forever legitimized the human active life, as distinct from the fully contemplative life of the angels.

St. Thomas insisted that human happiness consists in the “sole contemplation of God seen in His essence.” This is true for the angels but false for men; or at least a half-truth.

Humans are different from angels precisely by having and needing an active life. Human bodies are not prisons but essential aspects of our existence.

As a result, we are promised both a new heaven and a new earth. Angels exist in heaven only; humans will be able to switch between disembodied heaven and embodied paradise at will.

To see that, mix Thomas Aquinas with Ludwig von Mises to obtain a yummy system.

Both the intellect and the will emit spiritual light;

the difference is that reason is cold, and love is hot.

“Positive rights” =

  • Who gets to devour your taxes and how much of them;
  • Who is protected from your competition, thereby enjoying permanent profits;
  • Who gets the newly printed money first;

and likewise.

Trump should invite Kim Jong-un to officially visit America and demonstrate to him that —

under “the capitalistic system the common man enjoys today a standard of living for which the princes and nabobs of ages gone by would have envied him.” (HA, 859)

If Trump could take the first step toward abandoning the destructive power that the state has given him, perhaps Kim could be persuaded to let go of his socialism, as well.

The weapon of choice for individual self-defense has been the humble handgun for a very long time.

Improvements have occurred over the decades but nothing revolutionary: the gun has not been replaced with a Star Wars-type “blaster” or anything else.

But the imperial state spends a trillion dollars of stolen money every year on monstrous new weaponry explicitly designed for indiscriminate mass murder.

And we are supposed to cheer for “gun control” that disarms crime victims! Let’s consider instead sinking the government’s ships and breaking the wings of its bombers.

The reason to re-introduce within common law allodial real estate ownership for private individuals is to strip the state from its implicit claim on all unowned land.

Property taxes are neither more nor less unjust than any other kind of tax, such as income or sales.

The government, such as of a county, can have the power to tax property according to positive law or constitution.

Moreover, the state can in the legal sense own property that it, the state, has homesteaded, such as intra-city roads or CIA buildings.

But it cannot own undeveloped virgin tracts of land within a country by default as some sort of feudal super-overlord.

The essence of the state is embodied in the executive branch. Let’s personalize it for the sake of argument to a single person, the king.

Can the king alone loot the economy prudently at the maximum point on the Laffer curve? He would then spend the money on giant monuments to himself, pyramids, palaces, and so on. He would also equip armies and expand his dominion through military conquests.

The answer is no, because the people, upon recognizing the immense damage the king did, would immediately depose him.

As a result, the king needs to make alliances with key members of society. Among the masses, he picks lumpen-proletarians. Among the elites, crony capitalists.

He subverts the priests (less important these days) by sending them “faith-based” welfare.

And he buys intellectuals who defend his depredations in print. These are his costs of doing “business.”

He further tries to divide the productive classes and keep them fighting each other to prevent them from overthrowing him through a united action.

The king stays in power by falsely convincing the producers that being looted is for their own / the greater good.