“Firing Damore was too extreme and Google should have put him through training instead, said Aaron Ginn, co-founder of the Lincoln Network, a group of libertarian-leaning tech workers and investors.”

Right, they should’ve put him through the sort of Orwellian torture and brainwashing to make him love the Big Bro… Google.

I kind of understand why they fired him, though. I mean, he totally humiliated the bosses (and deservedly so). How could they tolerate such mutiny? They could either fire him or promote him to senior management. They decided to fire him.

Oh well.

How can I tell that a person is not lying about his alleged offended feelings? Perhaps he is pretending to be offended in order to get me to grovel for or even pay him money for forgiveness.

Maybe that’s how he gets off, by faking outrage in order to humiliate those he falsely accuses of oppressing him. For all I know, inside, he is completely cynical and enjoys taking this sort of advantage of non-psychopathic people.

We should seriously consider the possibility that the culture of official certified victimhood is for the most part a lie by the “victims” in order to get sympathy, attention, revenge, and gifts.

Regarding the Google memo, Google makes itself less competitive by prioritizing “diversity” over its business self-interest and profits.

As a result, by becoming thus less competitive, it will shrink relative to the scenario in which it hired based on merit.

The more it shrinks, the less it will be able to afford to hire incompetents just because they are of the right race or sex.

Further, as it shrinks, the number of workers it employs will decrease.

And that includes the workers belonging to the alleged victim groups.

No worries, however: some new and less irrational entrepreneur will gladly take the Google’s market share.

If people tend to commit violent crimes, and the state is a tool to repress or deter such crimes, what’s to ensure that the state itself will not commit violent crimes?

Nothing. The only hope is that the overall amount of crime with the state will be smaller than the amount without the state.

On the local level, that’s probably true. On the imperial level, it’s 100% false.

Mises takes down the idea that “blood and soil” are the source of social cooperation.

(Scroll down to “The Fable of the Mystic Communion.”)

Here is the article that long ago began my love affair with (Catholic) Christianity, by linking to the New Advent website’s Catholic Encyclopedia, Summa Theologica, and other crucial resources.

The article on Evil was probably the first or one of the first entries in the Encyclopedia I read.

Its distinction between metaphysical, moral, and physical evils (and so goods) is so important that it became one of the foundations of my entire system, such as I’ve been able to work out.

The way individual homosexuals (for example) are being treated in our society is atrocious.

People either “support them unconditionally,” thereby loving their sin; or condemn them to hell, thereby hating the sinner.

Nobody really ever tries to reason with them and determine whether homosexuality is or is not a vice, or whether sodomy is or is not a sin, and why, or the remedies for it, or anything else.

As a result, gays are on the one hand, assured of their own wonderfulness and perfect innocence; and on the other, super-defensive, such that any rational criticism of their condition is dismissed as a hateful attempt to destroy their personalities.

Come on people, get your fraternal correction in order. I could be wrong, but I am at least trying to approach this problem impartially.

Like all non-libertarian rightists, the alt-right has no ideas or ideology of its own.

What distinguishes them from average Republicans is that they seek to imitate the left in their methods, in particular that the ends justify the means. And it is true that for the left, no crime is outside the pale as long as it “advances” society one more step on the road to serfdom.

The alt-right envies the power that this sort of ruthlessness gives to the leftists. Hence their calls for physical destruction of the leftists. They call for it, because they cannot refute the left’s arguments, such as they are, yet they are tired of the uninterrupted stream of the left’s victories and the pathetic impotence of the regular-right.

Everyone who expresses reservations about ultra-violence is, according to the alt-right, a cuck.