You should work on your weaknesses only until they no longer threaten to ruin your life or career.

Once a modest amount of competence in them is achieved, ignore the weaknesses and focus exclusively on your strengths.

Israel is a (well-supplied) US imperial military outpost in the Middle East through which the rulers exercise large-scale coercive power in that region.

It is mistaken to claim either that Israel cynically in a one-way fashion uses America or vice versa. The two states happily use each other for the unremarkable purposes of domination, exploitation, and despotism.

Thus, the US government has weaponized the Jews into its willing instruments of conquest.

“Common good” is that political and legal system that best promotes, or maximizes the speed of, economic progress for all.

This happens to be, of course, laissez-faire capitalism.

Republicans should always be a minority opposition party.

They remember their small government ideas only when they lose elections.

Unfortunately, there is rarely a way to punish Republicans for their cynical love for big government by means other than electing Democrats.

In the Soviet Union, “ordinary Russians have had irreducible rights to relapse into passivity, to choose how little they will work and how often they will escape into blind drunkenness, without being subjected to sanctions and economic costs as a consequence.” — Anthony de Jasay

Mainstream econ would argue that, due to their positive externalities, concealed weapons should be state-subsidized.

God hid Himself precisely in order not to eclipse the human glory, as the stars are seen best at night.