We should make sure that no one will have the dishonor of being a veteran (of future wars) ever again.

“There needs to be a complete and total housecleaning of the infrastructure of the Democratic Party,” says Democratic political operative Douglas E. Schoen.

“Ultimately, Hillary Clinton needs to go away, Bernie Sanders needs to go away, Donna Brazile needs to go away. They are all complicit. We desperately need a renewed understanding of ethics in politics.”

Right, because otherwise it’s harder for the politicians to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable.

These guys crave legitimacy, and filth like Hillary undermine the entire scam by being too obviously corrupt.

Is the PC opinion that it is not Ok to be white?

Or that white people must despise themselves and then be isolated from each other, such that any sign of racial solidarity or friendship is to be condemned?

One effect of the Incarnation of the Son was that it forever legitimized the human active life, as distinct from the fully contemplative life of the angels.

St. Thomas insisted that human happiness consists in the “sole contemplation of God seen in His essence.” This is true for the angels but false for men; or at least a half-truth.

Humans are different from angels precisely by having and needing an active life. Human bodies are not prisons but essential aspects of our existence.

As a result, we are promised both a new heaven and a new earth. Angels exist in heaven only; humans will be able to switch between disembodied heaven and embodied paradise at will.

To see that, mix Thomas Aquinas with Ludwig von Mises to obtain a yummy system.

Both the intellect and the will emit spiritual light;

the difference is that reason is cold, and love is hot.

“Positive rights” =

  • Who gets to devour your taxes and how much of them;
  • Who is protected from your competition, thereby enjoying permanent profits;
  • Who gets the newly printed money first;

and likewise.

Trump should invite Kim Jong-un to officially visit America and demonstrate to him that —

under “the capitalistic system the common man enjoys today a standard of living for which the princes and nabobs of ages gone by would have envied him.” (HA, 859)

If Trump could take the first step toward abandoning the destructive power that the state has given him, perhaps Kim could be persuaded to let go of his socialism, as well.