There may be little new under the sun, but only in our times is every disgusting gang of freaks a political pressure group eager to gain special privileges from the state.

Even as a kid, I would get dispirited contemplating the end of the Solar System and Earth billions of years from now, but only later did I understand why:

it signaled the fact that nothing in this world is forever and that everything dies.

It’s interesting how some legal concepts change depending on whether we are dealing with citizens or bureaucrats.

Thus, a cop must always and only act “by the book,” never deviating from the prescribed procedures. If he dares to do something not authorized, there’s an ex post facto law right here: the cop can be prosecuted, because almost everything for him is implicitly forbidden. The law to be used against the cop is made explicit only after the fact, such as during the trial. We can say the cop trades his freedom for power.

Another case is bills of attainder, where it is the legislature and not the judicial branch that accuses a person of some crime. While the legislature is barred from doing this for a citizen, it is very much its right and duty to control bureaucrats with this device. Thus, the president can be impeached and removed from office by action of Congress.

The purpose of the scattering of the Jews over all the earth was and is for us to grasp the signified, namely that Jews now are not more favored by God, nor higher in status, nor specially protected than any other ethnic group.

Christianity is a universal exoteric religion; anyone can join; and God now calls everyone to holiness through this faith.

As part of this equality, Jews, also like any other nation, are free to do anything they like including create the state of Israel.

But the state of Israel has no theological significance.

The feudal system has no inner contradictions; hence, as Rothbard argues, feudalism is “able to continue indefinitely.”

It was supplanted only when economists have described a genuinely superior system of social cooperation — capitalism. Capitalism has no contradictions either.

The problem arises only when we try to implement a Third Way — a semi-capitalist / semi-feudal interventionism, welfare-warfare state, state capitalism, fascism, call it what you like.

This futile attempt is the source of all the convulsions, chaos, and social disintegration we see around us. It’s outrageous that this middle-of-the-road monster has persisted for so long.

We must choose: either return to the “mindless serfdom of the Old Order”; or embrace full laissez-faire free market.

People living in a feudal society have not yet discovered, or perhaps invented, capitalism. Their ethics therefore is more primitive than ours but is no less valid for all that. They are doing the best with what they are given.

When a feudal lord says that he bestows his grace upon a vassal who then owes him personal fealty, or that he is the shepherd whom God has appointed to watch over his peasants, he is being entirely honest.

Under feudal relations, the ideas of self-ownership or contractual relations or mutual consent are not entertained.

If our society allowed slavery or master-slave relations, then it would enjoin the philosophers to develop the ethics of slavery. How shall the master and slave be justified in their dealings with each other? We don’t bother developing such ethics, because slavery is not recognized as a valid human relation.

Instead of a relation of slavery, we have a crime of kidnapping.

Thus, if we like capitalism, then we reject the feudal ethics because we reject the feudal ideology.

Does the antelope hate the world because it needs to fear the lion? Is the lion therefore somehow an “evil” and illegitimate creature? Do antelopes construct elaborate theodicies that explain the lions’ existence?

Why then should we find the world “horrific” just because being human, we face moral and not just physical good and evil, and fallen angels are our natural enemies?

When people use the word “conspiracy,” they mean treasonous conspiracy by government agents not criminal one by private individuals.

On the other hand, if the state is a criminal gang and is in no way loyal to the people in the first place, then they can’t really “betray” the people, and government conspiracy collapses into a criminal one.

So then, a conspiracy theory is an accusation of unspecified government officials of massive treason, yet with no convincing proof supplied.

For example, it must have been a secret cabal deep within the bowels of the Leviathan that placed explosives in the Twin Towers. This is a treasonous not criminal conspiracy; and yet no one has any real proof of how, when, and by whom it was done.

There is no conservative movement; conservatives do not move; they stand still.

To be more precise, they are being dragged: they are only one or two steps behind their allegedly sworn enemies.

They approve of things that just 10 years ago would have horrified them. 10 years from now they’ll dumbly acquiesce in measures that right now they consider to be utterly beyond the pale.