Maybe the savage Muslims would be less savage if the US government had abstained from murdering them for decades.

I mean, we must be so much more sophisticated than they. The state uses us as tax-serfs; in return, it allows us to offload responsibility for crimes against humanity onto the state.

The state buys guns with our tax money and kills in our names; we go about our lives as if we did nothing to give aid and comfort to the government killers.

And then we are shocked — shocked! — that blowback occurs.

The future society of millennials will come to its natural end when people will find it immoral, or simply forget because it will not occur to them, to discriminate between life and death.

There is no “science,” only scientists expressing expert opinions.

To write that “When science makes mistakes, it is science that discovers them…” is a little naive.

It’s individual scientists who make mistakes, and other individual scientists dispute with them, in so doing possibly making still other mistakes.

(This is of course a little polemical. One might also define science as a commitment to the search for truth for its own sake, or as a particular methodology of performing such search, or as what college textbooks tell you, and so on.)

We should have some version of the Academy Awards where each year’s “Hitler” would be formally designated and then attacked and deposed.

Your daily dose of outrage.

It’s shameless and insane that stuff like this even gets contemplated, let alone published. Insolent filth.

Note that it is of course white people who have corrupted blacks so.

It is not the life’s purpose of libertarians to help Republican politicians win elections;

or perpetually to entertain false hopes that any such Republican will not, upon winning, utterly betray all of the few pro-market / peace / private property promises he made during his campaign.

If Jesus had encountered a woman who identified as a cat, would He have healed her, as He healed the demon-possessed man in Mk 5;

or would He have “respected” her “identity”?

I understand, everyone is a special snowflake. I am not against snowflakes. But must I suck each snowflake’s dick?